Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Hero

After seeing the last lo I did Jeff said I should do one with hero as the prompt....so at 3:30 am I hauled my crap into the living room and scrapped this page. Its all Sassafras lass and I super love it :) The journaling is crappy cus it was like 5 am by the time i got to that part LOL. He is my hero and I love him, couldn't imagine life with out him!!! He has made my non smoking experience so much better. I love that we can laugh and joke even during crappy times. Ok I still havent smoked :) very excited about that. FIVE people have signed up for my class so far, super excited bout that!!!! I think thats all I have to say today. Tonight's 3 am scrapping experience better be that display I have been putting off :( or I'm in big trouble. hagd bloggers!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just in case you were wondering

I still havent smoked!!! Not one puff.....I usually cheat, i know its bad im a cheater, but i havent this time and i am very proud of my self. Ok carry on bloggers, I am gonna go pick up my studio and scrap something. Oh ya I might even try and finish the display for the store LOL i have only been working on that one for EVER!!! ok im really done now. Next post will have a picture. Oops one more thing.......I have decided that I am gonna give a huge flippin prize pack to someone when I reach 5k hits on my blog........So for you people that comment get excited..........Details on that to come!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

2 am Challenge

Jenn was over last night and She challenged me to make a 15 min layout with these rules: Polka dots, Yellow, and a stamp......Easy right? Not so much. All of my scrap stuff was in my car from a crop this weekend, so this LO was made with no adhesive, no paper trimmer, no nothin LOL. The only thing i changed was adding the black to the journaling cus it didnt show up in the pics. The pic is of my little sister who has really been on my mind lately so i figured i would scrap her! The title is from OLW #25 it was very fitting :) Hope you like it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Im alive...........well kinda?

Ok day 2 is going a little better. 36 hours into it and i don't feel so bad actually. Yesterday was a little stressful. I dint realize how often I actually thought about smoking. Do this followed by smoking do this smoke. smoke smoke smoke. LOL I Feel pretty good so I am sure I will never smoke again!!! On to more crafty measures the pic is a piece of fabric(Who knows what kind??? Not me!! I dont claim to sew i just pick out whats pretty. Its sorta like canvas but not so much) that I gessoed and painted and stuff. Its 6x6 and I super love it. Its a mix of Journal Revolution and Donna Downey. style i guess. I need to finish the other one so I can mail it off to its recipient! Have a good day guys I gotta get ready for work......Hopefully no one is mean to me. I am a little short fused :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good news, and even better news!

We got just back from Grandpa and Grandmas. Tuesday was my Grandpa's 81st birthday, so Jeff and I took a three day trip down to see them. The shadow box was my present to him, and I think he really enjoyed it. The letter I put in it was wonderful, if I do say so myself( If you click on the pic you can read it....beware you might cry). I didn't cry when I read it to him like I usually do :) The better news is as of today I am a non smoker. No more icky smelly smoky Bree!!! I'm writing it on here so hopefully I will stick with it. I think I'm really ready this time, and the patch is kinda helping I guess. I'm eating carrots and chewing gum(not at the same time) so i don't gain a bunch of weight(I HOPE). I am so hot I feel like its a hundred degrees in my house, and I cant think straight. This post is like broken English lol. Ok I'm going to go finish laundry. Hopefully my post tomorrow will be a little clearer :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amigos I know spanish LOL

So at 1 am last night I finished this lo of Jenn and I. I super love it. These are some pics from a crop at work a few weeks ago!!!Click on the pic to see the detail. Ok this is such a great feeling for me, I have been wanting to try a Pencil lines sketch and I did #78! I also wanted to try letters like Jill which turned out good except for the @ sign, ya guess tracing takes time lol. I also outlined almost everything in the layout. I think it kinda brings it together and makes the page look less cut and pasted! Hope you like it I'm off to work :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life: A pink paint splattered mess!

I made this canvas shortly after reading Journal Revolution. I was really inspired to create some thing that represented me. Hence the pink, messy, paint filled canvas with a crown on it. This is a skinny pic of me from a year ago(pre marriage lol) The journaling says "This is me just the way I like it" Motivation kinda to loose the fluff marriage bestowed upon me!!! Hope you like it :) I'm off to finish cleaning my studio and then I'm making something! I just drank a red bull at 10pm, smart I know, but I create the best late at night. I have so many ideas swimming in my head a few need to come to fruition tonight, or my head might explode LOL.

Technique Junkiez

So here is the stuff for my first Technique Junkiez class at The scrapbook barn. Sorry the pic is a little lopsided(oops). First there is the LO featuring basic grey and ranger products, then some close ups of it. Then the picture of the card which is close to the card i did a while back. Last is a emboss resist Tag that i really enjoyed making!!! If you live close to Dallas and feel like listening to me teach in real life call the scrapbook barn and we'll get you set up:) I almost forgot the best part......Everyone who signs up for this class will get a free gift from me!!!! My thanks for making my first class wonderful :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Now back to our reg scheduled camera filled program:

So here's my post from last night complete with pics lol.........I don't know what happened but I have become a very crappy blogger :( Sorry guys. Work, classes, and life has just been a whirlwind lately, but I love it. Ok Ok Ok OK(ha ha Jenn) OK this lo was done a while ago and has been sitting very lonely with no pic on my paper rack. I was cropping one night and feeling a little quirky(who me? yes always) and I just had this incredible need to make a lo with the corniest saying EVER. Alas, I succeeded and have been laughing at it ever since. I wanted to try a monochromatic lo cus I haven't done one before. I like it. It is very very orange!!! Hope you like it. Tomorrow nights post will be of my Technique Junkie #1 samples yippe!!! I might post another lo tonight(whatchit now 2 in one day) if I finish the flower.

Boo on my camera

Ok so I wrote this looooooong wonderful post and went to take some pics to go with it and alas my battery has seen its last day. Fair well np-20 lithium ion battery you helped me capture some awesome stuff. Since its 2 am I guess ill buy another one tomorrow and post then. until then I will talk....Well first I won a necklace from this sweet lady!!!! Her stuff is awesome! If you aren't buying home made shame shame. I already got my necklace I ordered the other day.Its so cute :) On another note I'll share some blogs you should visit in my absence of pics. I love Rosie's blog. She is so inspirational not only from a crafting stand point but also just her whole take on life in general. I'm here so deal with it. I'm having a sense of self crisis so listening to her helps. Who knows why??? Not me. Anyways, I hope you like that link. Hmmm what else......Donna Downey rocks check her out too. Ok, I'll show some more vintage goodie pics then off to bed for me!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


So Jenn made me get up at 7:30 AM(I dont function well before noon) this morning to go to this sale that was 30 min from my house. Round one $45 not bad considering what i got!!! I get home and start going through the stuff and think "self, i shoulda bought more" Then Jenn called and told me if i didn't go back and get more(for her too) that i was gonna regret it all day. Needless to say i drove another 30 min back and bought almost all of the stuff the lady had(round 2 $30)!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics :)the first one is about a million buttons, the second is a vintage scrapbook!!!!!!!!! the third is a pic of one of the pages in the scrapbook. I dont exactly know how much the book cost me cus she just gave me a total for everything i had. It was worth whatever i paid for it!!!!!!!!! I'm off to work i will post more later. I got a ton more then this. Yes grandma im leaving all of this to grace my living room floor till i get back to sort through it ;)