Monday, April 14, 2008

Boo on my camera

Ok so I wrote this looooooong wonderful post and went to take some pics to go with it and alas my battery has seen its last day. Fair well np-20 lithium ion battery you helped me capture some awesome stuff. Since its 2 am I guess ill buy another one tomorrow and post then. until then I will talk....Well first I won a necklace from this sweet lady!!!! Her stuff is awesome! If you aren't buying home made shame shame. I already got my necklace I ordered the other day.Its so cute :) On another note I'll share some blogs you should visit in my absence of pics. I love Rosie's blog. She is so inspirational not only from a crafting stand point but also just her whole take on life in general. I'm here so deal with it. I'm having a sense of self crisis so listening to her helps. Who knows why??? Not me. Anyways, I hope you like that link. Hmmm what else......Donna Downey rocks check her out too. Ok, I'll show some more vintage goodie pics then off to bed for me!


Lee said...

Aww.....I'm sorry about your camera battery! And they aren't cheap to replace either!! I'll have to check out the links, I've never heard of those necklaces.

Beth said...

Sorry 'bout the battery! Hopefully you found one today and are back up and running. I love looking at your vintage pix-makes me remember looking through my Nana's sewing chest (and wishing I HAD it now...).