Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good news, and even better news!

We got just back from Grandpa and Grandmas. Tuesday was my Grandpa's 81st birthday, so Jeff and I took a three day trip down to see them. The shadow box was my present to him, and I think he really enjoyed it. The letter I put in it was wonderful, if I do say so myself( If you click on the pic you can read it....beware you might cry). I didn't cry when I read it to him like I usually do :) The better news is as of today I am a non smoker. No more icky smelly smoky Bree!!! I'm writing it on here so hopefully I will stick with it. I think I'm really ready this time, and the patch is kinda helping I guess. I'm eating carrots and chewing gum(not at the same time) so i don't gain a bunch of weight(I HOPE). I am so hot I feel like its a hundred degrees in my house, and I cant think straight. This post is like broken English lol. Ok I'm going to go finish laundry. Hopefully my post tomorrow will be a little clearer :)


kerianne said...

Way to go Bree giving up the smoking!! You can do it!! Great gift for your grandpa too!!

Lee said...

What a fun surprise for your Grandpa!! AND..........way to go!!!!!! You are amazing and strong and you can doooooo it!!!

Beth said...

Oh Bree-your shadowbox is amazing! Your letter brought tears to my eyes - I could have written a very similar one to my Nana. I always said that she and I argued best because we were so much alike. Gotta love the Irish temper, lol! Such a lovely tribute to Grandpa!

Hang in there with quitting smoking! It's worth it, trust me!! ;-)