Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One fine day with minor mishaps ;)

Last night Jeff and I went and bought the soil for my garden boxes. We brought it in the back yard and stacked it nicely cus it was after dark. This morning I let the dog out....no big deal cus he lets him self in the backdoor. I wake back up on the couch 30 min later wonder where the dog is at???? I go outside and there is dirt compost and vermiculite all over my backyard. He opened every single bag and scattered everything all over(with the winds help of course) I almost cried :( So round 2 went a little smoother this afternoon. The stuff actually made it into the boxes this time. Needless to say we decided i cant start planting till we fence off that part of our yard(he dug half the dirt out of one of the boxes while dinner was cooking) Lesson learned my dog is bad and i should plan a little better lol. I came across this website today!!! I totally love it one click and you go from this to this!!!!!! I totally love this and if i manage to remember I will use this in the future on my lo's :) I have finally decided that I have procrastinated cleaning my studio long enough. It is like a tornado blew through it. I cant make anything in this state. Im forcing myself to clean it tonight and thats that. If i finish ill post tomorrow, but its so bad i think ill be cleaning for a few days lol. Moving screwed me up big time in there. I cant seem to get it right. Im gonna try again. Everything just seems all jumbled and the flow is all wrong. Possibly its cus Mary is coming to clean up my mess any more :( Ok off i go.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I think im a dabbler ha ha ha

Still trying to use up old papers. This is prob the worst lo i have made in a while but oh well. I got my point across lol. So this week we have been working on the back splash in the kitchen. I tiled it and then today i did the grout. I totally love it. Its not done yet but i felt the need to show you guys a peak!!!! usually i pick things out( or paint -----im about to repaint my studio for the third time in 6 mon for instance) then bring them home and change my mind because the light made it look diff or the moon or my pms, but everything i have picked in the kitchen i truly love beyond belief...now if i can only find the curtain fabric i want :) Heres a pic of what this part of the wall used to look likeewe yucky huh!!!! I cant wait to be done.....and get a new pretty new ELECTRIC stove. Tiling was actually pretty easy for me. Maybe cus i used 1/4 in grout lines and that's totally the size i like my mats to be in scrapbooking??? It all goes together!! In other news tomorrow were building our garden beds!!!! Im so excited. I really cant wait to get semi free organic veggies. Im planting a little of everything. Lots of herbs. Yum-o. Lots of pics of that to come so get ready. Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!!! Be back sooner or later

Friday, February 6, 2009

I wish life was more like 1984

Reminiscing about simple and uncomplicated times. The times when drooling was allowed and there were no worries about water damaged walls. When life was full of smiles and some one else cleaned up the poop ;) I love John Mayer and his song 1983 always makes me think of carefree diaper days and my childhood. I guess one of my photo corners fell off in the picture taking process. gonna have too hunt for it. Ill be lucky if the dog didnt eat it :( I bought 2 new rugs for my kitchen Monday. Tues i found one outside covered with grass so i brought it in to wash it and apparently when we hooked the washing machine back up something went wrong. So the rug kinda disintegrated. Wed I get up happy day, let the dog out, go to shut the door when he came in(he can open the door himself sadly cant shut it) and i find rug number 2 in the yard with a hole in it. Thank god they were cheap ones but still geez. bad bad bad dog!!!
Tip of the day: Haul out those fabric scraps and wallpaper remnants for your next layout. They add texture and zing to any page!! The green paper i used on this is vintage wall paper.I got it here and i totally love it!! The bottom piece of the flower is diecut fabric. I didnt make this one but when i do i usually either cut the fabric by hand or run it through my cuttlebug with a sizzix die(flowers or circles or whatever you feel like). I think their dies cut fabric perfectly. I need to try cutting fabric with my Nestabillities. Not sure how it will work.....stay tuned!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make time 2 Make ART

I have a problem......a buying problem ;) I have been cleaning my studio like crazy. Getting rid of stuff i know i wont use and i still have waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff. So I challenged myself to make 25 layouts by march (when the new release of alcohol inks comes out 24 colors!!!!) Until then im not buying anything but adhesive. I am also gonna use something that i have had for more then a year, but dont wanna give a way on each layout. This page has some Heidi swap ghost letters that i have had for way way longer then a year. I colored them with alcohol inks and stamped them with a background stamp so they would match my hambly transparency! Sorry the photo sucks. its 6 pm and the lighting sucks. Ill try to retake it tomorrow!!! Im off to make more pages. 22 more togo!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have great excuses i promise!!!

So i have pretty much been remodeling my house everyday since my last post! I have been creating things too. Get ready for a ton of pics ;) This is what our kitchen started out as. Dark brown and boring YUCKY!!!! This is a pic of everything with primer and plastic and tape. We went through soooooooooooo much plastic and tape wow. Thats my mom in the pic too. She helped alot :) I have had my fridge in my entry way for 3 weeks. im glad its back where it belongs.This last one is from monday. We ripped up the dark floor and replaced it with bamboo woodfloor. i love it!! You can also see the color i chose for the walls. I forget what its called but it looks like the inside of a honey dew!! We still have alot to go, but were getting there slowly but surely! I cant wait to post the final before and after. Ok on to the pretty stuff....This is what I made from watching Donna Downey's video tutorial. She made a mini album, but i was feeling canvasy :) I like the muted colors, and it was fun to drag out crap i havent messed with in a while!!! I have quite a few lo to photograph and post so hopefully ill get back on track!!!