Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have great excuses i promise!!!

So i have pretty much been remodeling my house everyday since my last post! I have been creating things too. Get ready for a ton of pics ;) This is what our kitchen started out as. Dark brown and boring YUCKY!!!! This is a pic of everything with primer and plastic and tape. We went through soooooooooooo much plastic and tape wow. Thats my mom in the pic too. She helped alot :) I have had my fridge in my entry way for 3 weeks. im glad its back where it belongs.This last one is from monday. We ripped up the dark floor and replaced it with bamboo woodfloor. i love it!! You can also see the color i chose for the walls. I forget what its called but it looks like the inside of a honey dew!! We still have alot to go, but were getting there slowly but surely! I cant wait to post the final before and after. Ok on to the pretty stuff....This is what I made from watching Donna Downey's video tutorial. She made a mini album, but i was feeling canvasy :) I like the muted colors, and it was fun to drag out crap i havent messed with in a while!!! I have quite a few lo to photograph and post so hopefully ill get back on track!!!


Rainy said...

Hey Girl,
Long time no see. Love your canvas you made from Donna's video. You are the one to blame for me buying her videos. I really didn't know who she was until I saw it on your blog. I soooo wish I could go to inspired with you. Maybe next year if it goes on. I soooo love Kelly Rae! Take care

Rachel said...

Oh, I love that lime color on the wall! I am also a huge fan of white cabinets... maybe that is the Florida girl in me!!!
I can't wait to see more photo updates!!!!