Thursday, July 31, 2008

B is for......

Here are the B pics, I dont like the one i did of me so i might redo it. And BTW grandma i know i misspelled loser :( thats prob why i should re do it I dont know??? The second pic is of the boob and butt sculpture at mgm I really like the way it turned out. red and black grid looks cool together I might make a 12 x 12 with that color scheme!!! Im off to clean my studio and hopefully take some pics of it!!! Talk to you guys lata!!!

Art Journal

Lots of emotions to get out lately so I decided to start an art journal, cus I dont have enough projects going on right now!I like to do alot at one time i guess. I finished sweet Lolas album way ahead of time!! It turned out great. I guess when money is involved I tend to focus on one thing at a time lol. Ok back to the emotions and the art journal. Crazy emotions from my recent departure from what i thought was going to be my dream job, but obviously was not. Being thrown back in to the non workforce bum mode sucks :( I have some things in the works right now though that should be fabulous in some time :) anyway...... so this whole page is just a reaffirmation for me to stay true to myself, and stop letting people push me around or define who I should be. I enjoyed making this. It pushed me with the layering and stuff. I made this one a few days ago and have made some more since then, so im sure ill be sharing those in the near future. I just wrote myself a note to take photos of my recent stuff tomorrow( pray for me i always remember to take the pics at 1 am when there is no natural light lol) So hopefully Ill get back on track with that :) I might post a few letters per day(from my a to z album) in individual posts so it can move faster and I can pic a blog candy winner sooner!!!!! I think im going to try to set some posts to auto post if i can figure out how that works, since im not so good at getting on here everyday :) Hope you enjoy the art journal page!!! Night bloggers!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

help please!!!

some of my older pics on here are not showing up??? Anyone know why and how i can fix it :( Im sad, I need one of the pic to enter in a dt call. Jeff is making me enter stuff to get published every week. Ok, maybe MAKE is a strong word, encouraging might be better. LOL any way let me know if you can help me get my pic back!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just a quick post.......

Sorry I havent had time to post pics of the mini album( or work on it for that matter) Mary and I are working on a custom album for this adorable puppy named Lola! We should be done today, so ill try to post something tonight :) have a great day bloggers!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A is for......

Two posts in one day!!!! The First page is the inside of the front cover, the second one is A for airplane, and the third is a Keno card from Arizona Charlies a local casino in Vegas that has a 3.29 steak and egg breakfast. Simple additions to the album to help us remember how much fun we had! These three were made with my limited supplies on the trip :) I think they capture the important memories without all the fluff i usually add! B will be tomorrow and theres a lot of fluff on those pages lol, cus B is for Bree ;) hagd you guys!!!!

Tip two of the day: On the first page I used a journaling sheer from Maya Road. These things are awesome and you can do allot with them. You can write on them with Sharpie or an American crafts slick writer. Both of these come in a bunch of colors. You can paint or ink the back of them. This will make them match your page better too. You can also stamp on them with stazon ink! Alot of people have asked how to attach them the the store. Here I used staples, You can also use vellum adhesive, or if you paint the back you can use any adhesive you want since it wont show through!!! So if you have any of these laying around get them out and use 'em!!!!!!
Hey guys!!! This is a lo i did right before we left. The Background was cut on our stores die cut machine, Stamps are by Inique boutique (Its on of my fav sets) tape by prima and rubs by Sandilion oh and thickers of course!!! Ill be posting the A pics from my mini album later on....Enjoy.
Tip of the day: Packing tape transfer: Its easy and it turns out super cool!!!! All you need is packing tape(or any wide clear tape) Magazine pictures, and some warm water. Carefully place the packing tape over your pictures, making sure there are no bubbles. Burnish with a bone folder or something stiff. Then cut the excess of the photo off around the packing tape. You can use 2 or more pieces of tape, just slightly overlap them. then place the packing tape in your warm water for about 2 min. take it out, and rub the paper pulp off of the sticky side of the tape. rub until your left with a clear image!!! I really like doing this with word or flowers and adding them to my scrapbook pages! You can "glue" the tape to your lo, card or tag using paint. Just paint a strip thats a pretty neutral color and lay the tape down. As the paint dries it will "glue" your tape down!!! I used Tim Holtz distress crackle paint on this one and it cracked my image. I love it!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!! oh ya and some blog candy!!!

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile again. Jeff and I have been in Vegas the past week!!! We had a blast :) Before I left I had a great idea about working on a mini album while we were there. A while back Ali Edwards had an album that she made out of 4 x 6 index card dividers and it was so cute! I found some dividers that were 5 x 8 that were even better!! I packed 1 iris bin full of stuff THATs it!!! I worked on it on the plane and some while we were there. Jeff help me take a ton of pictures that summed up our vacation from A to Z. Im about half way done with it so far and we just got home yesterday. I was thinking that its alot of pages so ill post one letter per day. Check back cus I have blog candy!!!! All comments(one per post please) will be entered to win a set of these dividers, a white gel pen, hole punch, stapler, binding rings, and some travel paper(ill prob find some more to throw in too lol) WAIT theres more........ I know that a bunch of you have unscrapped vacation pics laying around. Post a link of your travel mini album to this post to be entered to win a mini book prize pack too!!!! You have until the day after I post the Z page to be entered!!!

Tip of the day: White gel pens(I use signo its the best by far!) work great on photos, try journaling or doodling in the empty space of a photo next time to Jazz it up!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Live by me? Come buy my stuff!!!

My friends and i are having a scrapbooking garage sale in frisco tx on sat July 12th from 9-3 email me for more info!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Winner!!!!!!!!!!!! Picked Christi!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot me an email buddy and ill send you the package(this box plus more! :) Lee and Amanda get a gift too for commenting the most on my blog since its been up. Email me your addys too so i can send you guys something just for being awesome. Sorry the posts have been sparse again this week. LIfe i swear just seems to get in the way of my blogging lol. I have been working on this this week. I like it. its a little diff then what i usually make. I made it with Black Market paper. it has this awesome canvas feel that i love!!!! I used gesso to cover up most of the bottom layer then added on papers with Diamond glaze. I used a bunch of prima stuff too. The pic is a funny color cus the printer was out of ink at work, but i just went with it cus it matched. I sprayed the whole thing with Glimmer misT when i was done in a yellow and a pink color.
Tip of the day: wanna make your own glimmer mist at home? I got 2 ways for you. First you need a spray bottle. a small one!!! I use Ranger Mini Misters because they spray a really fine mist. Then you need some reinker, I use Tim Holtz distress reinkers for this because they dont loose their color intensity when you add water. Last you need some perfect pearls. any color will do just experiment!!! So take your mini mister and add one full dropper of reinker too it. then take a Popsicle stick and scoop some perfect pearls on too the end of it. add it to the mini mister then fill with water. Shake and you have home made glimmer mist!!! The first spritz outta the bottle isnt a fine mist so spray it in the trash can 3 times first. The other way i have found to do it is to add concentrated water color to the mister instead of reinker. I use Dr. martins and it has an eye dropper, you could also use the kind in the tube(Windsor and Newton-I get mine at Hobby Lobby in the art section). For these use only a little bit of watercolor cus its really concentrated. Just play around with diff color reinkers and perfect pearls. Its super awesome!!! I usually spray my finished piece right at the end to give it an extra POP. Make sure to write down the combos you like, and always test on scrap paper first. I used this technique on the back ground of this LO and all over this card. Enjoy bloggers! Ps link anything you make with this in the comments section so we can all see!!!