Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journaling prompts

I got up today and over coffee decided to check out some prompts online and stumbled onto a wealth of them!!!!!
300 prompts- roll over the astric to see the prompt
random prompt generator
one word prompts
600 second
Journal Jar

Scrapbook Journal Jar
Thought questions- the pictures as well as the questions could serve as prompts
creative writing prompts

My current journal.... Cover is an old book and pages are watercolor paper. I like it except the binding sucks( totally my fault) its too loose.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

art journal pages

Playin around alot in my aj......Some recent experiments...... Working on 4 at one time today. Im liking the freedom of going back and forth!!!
Working with texture ideas from a book im reading
Journaling bitchy thoughts then watching them bleed together made me feel a million times better

Who kknows what this will turn into in the future???? Plans on making fabric feathers or something. I thought i would see if i could actually draw one first lol

I have no idea why these photos have black boxes at the bottom??? Oh well

Till next time......Create what makes YOU Happy!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spray fun

Messing around with scrapbooking again.....been a while for me..... Happy time

Friday, September 24, 2010

Scrapbook storage pt 1

Here are some of my current storage ideas :) Hope they help u out!!!!!!Every studio needs a panic button right???? I got this At the dma :)
Ive been keeping my glimmer mists in this plastic bin from ikea.....I think they discontinued them but they have some similar at container store
This is the best thing ive ever purchased all my trims are in plain sight....... I love it!!!!
Labels on the ink pads are super important..... Look here for free pre made ones!!!

Super cheap pencil boxes from walmart hold all of my portfolio, caran d'ache and water color pencils.....these are super convenient for on the go art journaling!!!!!

Next organizing post will have my travel tote and more.....stay tuned :)

Till then Create what makes YOU happy!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tattered angels Glam ROCKS!

Drove over to Jenns to get my hands on some glam and new mists ASAP... come to find out she's having a sale super awesome 25% off!!!! Started glaming a little in my art journal inspired by Inspiration Wednesday lovin the quick simplicity.

  • This is one of my fav pics of my pink hair summer ( which is sadly over)

  • lots of soul searching lately.

  • Art journaling brings up crazy emotions for me????

  • I added a translate button on the right.....i hope some of my fellow bloggers will do this as well....i keep stumbling upon awesome blogs i cant read lol
  • I felt the need for bullets mid post DEAL ;)

Create what makes u happy!!!!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Encaustic collage soar in wax :)

sassafrass papers and oct afternoon letters. some super awesome "Gangsta sewing"!!!!!!
Used clear crackle on the bird, some vintage book text and buttons

Just playin around with the soar theme.... I think im secretly telling myself something. Maybe? Ive been feeling closed in by life alot lately. The bird is out of the wax breaking free. This makes me happy.....i wanna make a big one but i need different wax. Tonight im gonna finish up an apron for a special lady in my life! So far i like it some but it needs a ton more work. I think tomorrow im gonna show some organizing ive been doing. Let me Know how you like this i think this series is what im gonna put in my etsy store?????? Makes me nervous :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little inspiration Wednesday love

Just finished watching this weeks inspiration wednesday video and decided to show you what i did with last weeks finally :) I have had neocolors for a while but i havent used them near as much as my beloved portfolio crayons.... this kinda gave me an opportunity to try them again and TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE. First there was a house glued down and edged with some portfolio crayons..... Then there was no house....I really liked the way the glue showed the house shape when i pulled it off

Heres the whole quote.....still working on the handwriting.....yucky
Back page......My versa mark was pretty much dry so the birds didnt turn out so well. i need a new one!

Lots more to show soon ;)
Create what makes u happy!!!!