Tuesday, December 28, 2010

inspiration wed fun

Hope everyone had an awesome holiday!!! Ours was interesting and a little abnormal due to the move but we were together so it was ok :) My studio is 90% put back together and im feeling better about all the changes day by day! I watched Inspiration wed this week for a desperate need of some.....inspiration lol when i first looked at the pic of Donna's finished page i thought she had used some kinda puffy paint to draw her heart, it was actually a super secret new stamp! Since the heart isnt out yet i  went with my original idea and used Americana dimensional acrylic paint. Its like fabric puffy paint only its acrylic. I think i got it at Joann's.  Enjoy
Create what makes u happy!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gangsta sewing ornaments

Super fun super quick ornaments with unity stamps. Inspired by haute holidays class!!!! Pretty much everyone in my life is getting one of these.
Lots more coming soon....im hoping to be unpacked and moved in to my new studio on fri :)
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Canvas bag class

Ready to make a mess...... A creative mess you will truly cherish???? Let's do it! In this class we will take a plain canvas messenger bag and turn it into a one of a kind piece of Mixed-Media art. Each bag will be 100% different. YOU choose the color. YOU choose the phrase. This will be all yours. You will learn lots of new techniques including dying fabric with Color Wash, faux bleaching, using found objects to stamp, "Gangsta sewing", making hand dyed flowers, wire forming, doodling and much much more. You'll also learn a fun way to use those random letter stickers you know you're holding on too ;) Come join me for some painty inky fun.

PS:  Leave your pretty clothes at home for this one.....Spray ink stains. Old clothes are a MUST! Unless u like wearing your heART on your sleeve :)
Create what makes you happy!!!!!
Bree Stanley

This class will be held on Saturday, December 11th from 1 pm until 5 pm.  Make your reservation today!!! 817-282-2622
If your local come see  me!!!!!!


Yesterdays  entry in my 31 days messy advent journal was REFLECT. It made me extremely EMOTIONAL like pretty much everything in life lately. I reflected on things changing and how scary it really truly is for US. Then i reflected on the new possibilities that can and will come from all of the current chaos. We will have a more simple life, I can focus on art, Jeff will be happier at work, my dog will have new friends, Less will be more. I think this is what i need to finish finding myself.

After this reflection time i decided to have a sappy movie night...... Me, the dog, Vanilla coke zero, TWO honey buns, and EAT PRAY LOVE. The movie spoke to my soul. It made me realize and reflect even more on the things that are important in my life. LOVE is really all ive ever needed. Jeff makes me so happy even when we dont see eye to eye. He knows me and most of all he GETS me. Im glad hes my BFF. TRAVELING that makes me happy. I need it to be a part of my life. CENTEREDNESS  that makes me happy. Its something ive been searching for for a long long time. ART rambled in my mind for most of this movie as well. The movie was beautiful its hard for that not to be inspiring in and of itself.

When the movie was over my phone beeped.....email...... It was a brave girls email......
Brave Girls Club

It may look sometimes like everyone else has it 
all together, has the perfect life, has all of the 
answers and that everything comes easily to 
them. It's hard to keep up and to measure up and 
to get up when we get caught in this set of beliefs.
Please, no matter what it takes, please try 
hard to stop comparing your beautiful self to 
anyone else.

Just like you, sweet friend, no one has it ALL 

together. Everyone has good days and bad days. 
Everyone has struggles and everyone has to 
make choices to make the most of whatever is 
handed to them. Everyone has DIFFERENT 
struggles, just like everyone has different strengths 
and different things to add to the world. 
Everyone is DIFFERENT.

We can only affect what WE do, and how 

WE feel and what WE add and where WE
go and  what WE say. We can not be 
anyone but who we are. We can not 
truly live any life but the
one we are in. When we step into our 
OWN shoes, and live our 
OWN life.....miracles happen.

Keep your eyes on your path, lovely you.

Keep your eyes to the light, and don't look at 
anyone else's path except to lend a hand.
You are beautiful, brave and phenomenal.
You are just right, just where you are.
You are the best you that there ever was, and 

that there ever will be.
Embrace it. Embrace YOU.


Copyright 2010 - Brave Girls Club, Inc. All rights reserved

The way things work out always amaze me. A journal prompt being totally fitting, a movie reflecting important lesson, an email saying what you need to hear and all this in one day that i really thought was truly crappy until RIGHT NOW. I got it after i REFLECTED lol

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Craft garage sale

This weekend sat and sunday im having a garage sale...... if your local and want to stop by email me for the address!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 days messy advent journal #7

here are the tags 1-9 10-18 19-27 28-31
This was so much fun...ill definatly do it again....hopefully next time the video part will go more smoothly. I think this time next year ill be able to laugh about all this lol. I love the journal and im excited to start it today though :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

31 days messy advent journal #2

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31 days messy advent Journal

**** I dont know why the videos keep cutting off on the side..... full screen is available by double clicking the video :)*******Day one....it was up earlier on facebook but i didnt have time to blog it..... Supply list and Background video #2 will be up tomorrow!!! Hope you enjoy. Keep in mind that this video is about making the backgrounds Nothing fancy just getting color on the page as a base :)
till tomorrow.... Create what makes u happy!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vlog winner

Ya!!!!!! Debbie Mac u get a box of stuff :) email me your address!!!!!! New video up tomorrow stay tuned
Create what makes u happy!!!!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giveaway vlog

Enjoy and Create what makes u happy......giveaway open to us residents only :) winner chosen by random.org on friday!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video Journal Page

Heres a video with my actual voice on it. I kinda rushed the voice over so the end is kinda random sry. Talking on video=a hot mess. You get the point pretty much just uploading my practice videos thinking in 5 years im gonna find them funny. Editing takes me for ever :( Inspiration came from Here. I really super like the page though!!! Ive made a million things lately i just havent had time to post them......More coming soon I PROMISE.

Products used
Quinacridone violet
Ultramarine violet
Making memories Lagoon
8 flat and flibert paint brush
helmar 450 quick dry
Tim holtz alterations die "heart wings" by sizzix
portfolio oil pastels
sharpie fine point black marker
extra fine oil based sharpie paint pen in white and black
glass seed beads in lemondrop
fabric donnadowney.com

Spread your He{art} from bree stanley on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vlog :)

2 posts in a thirty min span.......sorry i shoulda thought this out a little better........Heres my happy face........I WILL do alot more vlogs.......so easy!!!!

Anthologies open house

Ill be at anthologies tomorrow for their open house. Come hang out and see all the new stuff!!! Ill be pimping my bag class so come see it ;) 129 w. harwood rd Hurst tx 76054. Hope to see you there!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Video Journal page

This is my first one so be kind...... I just taped my self playing so see what it looked like. The whole page took about 18 min to put things in prospective. the editing and the upload literally took 12 hours thats slightly excessive. Hopefully it will be easier with time! At some point ill talk on the videos when i can stop saying um and sooooo a thousand times lol. Im gonna start taping all of my journaling sessions and i have a few tutorial ideas in the works. Pray i can convince my husband to start doing the editing and uploading! Its to technical for me. Supply list is at the end of the video!
Create what makes you happy
dont know why this is cut off just double click and you can see it full size on you tube

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Lifes' Artistry" class album

Took "Lifes' Artistry" from Donna this past weekend. The book was so much fun. I finished it up yesterday!!!! The hole thing makes me happy :) Enjoy.

The best drips ever!!!!!
My fav pic of all time. Photo credit
I dislike this page but i really liked how the back turned out so i used it anyway

I used the packaging from the prima flowers for my mat

Close up of the image transfer. I Super love this!!!! The ice cream stand is in the weeds lol. Pic taken with Iphone using Hipstamatic app.

An Idea from inspiration wed that I finally tried out!

Prima flowers before and after color wash and my painters rag from home depot that ill use for a flower laterCreative mess!!!!
All cleaned up and ready for tomorrow!!!!

Lessons Learned:
  • Helmars Quick dry is by far my new fav glue...... Ive had it for 6 months now and at first i hated that it was stringy, but now its my go to glue for everything
  • Image transfers are freaking awesome
  • Im not great with the nib pen on canvas or fabric. I think im gonna get a rounded tip nib and see if that helps it from getting caught in the fibers
  • When you write with the nib on masking tape the ink goes on super smooth but it also pools alot more so be aware of how much ink you have loaded.
  • all of the photos in this book were printed on regular copy paper. GASP!!!! I really like the washed out look of them???
  • old paper is my new fav effect in photo shop!!!!
Most Items can be bought here. I used some Spray ink with i got Here

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday.... The stars align

This has been a fab week! Lots of happy news soon..... First heres my Inspiration Wednesday from last week. I followed what Donna did pretty close cus i loved the page and wanted to try the techniques. Journaling is random on this one but it was what i was feeling last night. I must say this is the happiest ive ever been with my hand writing. Practicing must be helping :) Maybe one day i wont be complaining about my hand writing all the time lol! I will defiantly be doing more transfers in the near future! The messy unpredictableness of the images make me happy and they add subtle interest to the back ground that leaves u wondering what the pic actually is.

Lessons Learned: Ink jet transfers only work with golden gel medium not liqutex FOR ME. My transfers ran when i added paint to them. Next time ill use the workable fixative i bought to stop this. I did use the fixative over the Ink writing so i could splatter paint at will. This worked well. The fixative is very strong smelling. I might have gotten a slight buzz from spraying it on while bending over it in an unventilated garage (oops) I also figured out that if i slow down my handwriting isnt that bad (big surprise there) The turquoise iron ons turned purpleish with pink paint running over it SCORE!!!! This was the first time i used the iron ons and i super love them. They are really easy to use if your patient. They add texture that really screams touch me!!!!

Journal with 140 lb water color paper
white craft paint
ink jet printed photos- i figured out how to invert the photo so the words come out right on the transfer!
dr martians india ink
nib pen
iron ons
quinacridone magenta
caran d'ache neocolors 2 in turquoise, magenta, and steel grey
water pen
Golden matt gel Medium
Krylon workable Fixative
You can buy all of the supplies HERE

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glimmer glam and glaze fun

Playing around in the studio today..... Music blaring...... Beautiful fall breeze coming in..... I'm in heaven!!!! My vintage thesaurus was calling my name...... I started 6 mixed media pieces! Just messing around makes me happy..... FYI tattered angels glimmer glam and glaze do not work well with water color crayons. Makes the surface too slick :( maybe I'll try them under the glam on the next one!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journaling prompts

I got up today and over coffee decided to check out some prompts online and stumbled onto a wealth of them!!!!!
300 prompts- roll over the astric to see the prompt
random prompt generator
one word prompts
600 second
Journal Jar

Scrapbook Journal Jar
Thought questions- the pictures as well as the questions could serve as prompts
creative writing prompts

My current journal.... Cover is an old book and pages are watercolor paper. I like it except the binding sucks( totally my fault) its too loose.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

art journal pages

Playin around alot in my aj......Some recent experiments...... Working on 4 at one time today. Im liking the freedom of going back and forth!!!
Working with texture ideas from a book im reading
Journaling bitchy thoughts then watching them bleed together made me feel a million times better

Who kknows what this will turn into in the future???? Plans on making fabric feathers or something. I thought i would see if i could actually draw one first lol

I have no idea why these photos have black boxes at the bottom??? Oh well

Till next time......Create what makes YOU Happy!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spray fun

Messing around with scrapbooking again.....been a while for me..... Happy time

Friday, September 24, 2010

Scrapbook storage pt 1

Here are some of my current storage ideas :) Hope they help u out!!!!!!Every studio needs a panic button right???? I got this At the dma :)
Ive been keeping my glimmer mists in this plastic bin from ikea.....I think they discontinued them but they have some similar at container store
This is the best thing ive ever purchased all my trims are in plain sight....... I love it!!!!
Labels on the ink pads are super important..... Look here for free pre made ones!!!

Super cheap pencil boxes from walmart hold all of my portfolio, caran d'ache and water color pencils.....these are super convenient for on the go art journaling!!!!!

Next organizing post will have my travel tote and more.....stay tuned :)

Till then Create what makes YOU happy!!!!!!