Monday, March 30, 2009

Reflection time....

Still trying to figure out who i am in this whole quarter life crisis thing....Got a job.....hated it the first night(saturday) so i guess we shall see how that goes.....
On a happier note.....with no complaining lol.......We went to a safari thing the other day. My super most favorite part was feeding the giraffes!!!! Animals are so amazing :) I cant wait to make stuff with these pictures.....i played with the settings on my camera(I have had it almost a year and I have no clue how to use it) Alot of these pictures were takin at 1600 iso whatever that means??? The colors look alot brighter( I think?) I have been playing with some new techniques on canvas....I like it.....but its far from perfected ;) My brain has grand plans for this though!!! Its heavy gel medium with charcoal and paint over looks really old and grungy from the charcoal......When I get back from inspired im gonna figure out how to use wax.....I really like new things.....I think i have crafting multiple personality lol
Have a super great day everyone!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Im still on a roll

Here are some more layouts I made when Jenn was here......I guess I was feeling simple and distressed that night :) The first layout is Paper I got from a Kenner road Kit I think. No embellishments on this not me ha ha. The second one is some of the new sassafras lass paper.....this is my fav sheet of paper right now......I bought another one cus I really wanna scrap more then one layout on it!!!! This one shows off my mad sewing skills.....thank god I dont use straight lines!!!! Kerry Lynn uses these glassine envelopes alot in her work, and sense one was sitting on my desk I went ahead and used it.....Adds a different touch that I really like! this hot momma is a canvas board covered in hot pink duct tape(great Idea jenn...paint woulda taken way too long to dry.....instant gratification buddy) That I covered with zebra tissue paper. It makes me super happy......havent finished it yet......not inspired yet. I have a feeling I will be IF i get my huge package from 2peas today!!!!!! New masks new stamps new stitched paper from prima.......I super cant wait to get it!!!!! here's my new typewriter.....The guy said $20 I said SOLD. Genghis(who hates taking pictures) wouldn't get outta my shots last night......I think its cute though im gonna scrap this picture today!!! Ok Im off to get some stuff done.....Have a great day guys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I did last night

I had so much fun last night!! I actually got alot done for a change!!! First up......I made a page about blogging :) I may not do it as much as I should but when I do it makes me super happy.....I never use flowers but i managed to use some on this page. I also matched the paper with the picture, I dont think I have ever really done that lol.
This wall hanging was inspired by Niella. I loved her background! This is now hanging above my desk.....My little mantra :) I made a few more things last night. Ill post them tomorrow......Im off to scrap some more and maybe work on my class samples. Have a wonderful day......Create what makes U happy!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun times buddy

Here are 2 quick cards I made the other night. Im in the middle of cropping with a friend so i will have a ton of stuff to post tomorrow!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally posting my book




This is a hybrid album from House of 3. It was the one they came out with for Valentines day so its discontinued :( I love their hybrid books......My only complaint is that some of the ones I like(this one for instance) only come in pdf files so you cannot put it into Photoshop. My other complaint is that I am cutting retarded so i had some trouble with the artisan pages lol. That is not their fault though....... I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!
Tip of the day: House of 3 has super cheap blog backgrounds and headers.....go check them out and update your blog :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just for brenda

I have been meaning to post for like a week now but oh well. Last night I went to a crop(an hour away) Im all set up ready to make some pretties........And I figure out I left with out pictures......Im a genius I tell you :)I made this a few days ago...need to journal about the economy and how its hitting me right where it art budget :( Desperate times call for desperate measures.....I have a ton of stuff to post on i just need to get around to photographing it all!!! I made this at my friends shower last weekend......I never feel like there are enough hours in the day......possibly because i get up super late but who cares! Heres the close up of this one.....You can really see the texture in the piece.....Im super excited to start applying all of this new found knowledge to some mix media paintings. Im starting a 3 piece canvas set tonight or tomorrow that im super excited about, more on that soon :) I think that taking Dinas art journaling class really made me realize how much i love no holds barred mixed media. I love scrapbooking, dont get me wrong, just some times its not dirty and gritty enough for me. Maybe I need to make my scrapbook pages grittier......Note to self on that one.
Tip of the day: The thing I like most about classes besides the techniques are the supply lists....strange I know. But It makes sense because I like new things lol. I know I really haven't been posting supply lists in my blog posts lately so I thought I would post what I have been using in my art journal pages Lately :)
1. the journal Im using is from Hobby lobby. Its spiral bound and the paper weight is 100 lbs. I think the paper is still to flimsy for what I have been doing in it so i will prob switch to a higher weight soon.
2. Gesso- I have been using the big cheap tub from hobby lobby, and I cant stand it. Its so runny its hard to get a good texture or even coverage with it. I will be buying golden soon. i was just trying to find it local and I haven't been successful yet.
3. Water soluble oil pastels by Portfolio- I bought these a long time ago at office depot( I wanna say they cost under $10 for 24) and they sat in a bo
x (big surprise there) Then while taking this class i pulled them out and totally fell in love with them.....they shade and contour so beautifully! I have been using them like crazy.
4. Adirondack color wash- I really like these. The color is way richer then glimmer mist. I read online that you can water down the color Im gonna try that soon. The blue I used on the now time aj page is called Stream which is my fav.
5. Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint and golden acrylic paint- I have always used cheapo paints or making memory paint before recently because cheap=fun, but these paints are so worth the extra money.....You can thin them out mix
them up splat them on or whatever makes you happy!!!
6. Above is a rubber texture comb- I found mine at Michael's(for cheaper then the link i provided) in the stenciling department :) It makes awesome textures in paint and Gesso.
7. Homemade ranger mists- How to make them here- they give a more subtle color then the color wash but still more vibrant then glimmer mist.......Dont get me wrong I like glimmer mist for scrapbook pages but the colors dont seem to hold up as well to the layering I do in art journaling.....Dina mentioned this in her class.....I didnt believe her because I love my glimmer mists, but trial and error proved HER right :)
8. Golden Matte reg gel medium- I have used this for all kinds of things the past few years and in art journaling it has become invaluable. Its basically a glue but you can use it on top of things as well as under them
9. Wax paper- Donna mentioned In the class I took of hers that this is what she uses for a paint pallet. I had always used paper plates, cardboard or old fashion lunch trays, but after giving this a try I really like it. The paint doesnt seem to dry on it as fast, you can mix water or other mediums into your paint, its cheap, and you can throw it away :)
10. Paint brushes- I use cheap throw away foam brushes for gel medium, gesso, and paint(sometimes) I have found that I like this Filbert brush the best, and I use it for all kinds of applications(except gel medium or glue) I have other sized brushes that I use for other things too, but I'm not a painter so i dont really know what they're for. In my opinion if it works use it, if it doesn't work find something that does!
11. Manila tags- I have had these sitting around since I first started scrappbooking and I have never really used them for anything except demoing techniques. Dina mentioned that instead of wasting the paint on her pallet she dips tags in the leftovers and voila randomly painted tags to use as you wish.......I love this idea and I now have a million painted tags lol.
OK this post is a million miles longs so ill leave it to be continued.......Hopefully this gives you some new ideas to try :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rip dear friend

This post is dedicated to my dear heat gun Gone but not forgotten You served me well over the past four years. Heating everything i put under you. Helping me watch paint dry for less time You made it through many drops and although the exact cause of your death is unknown You will be sorely missed You have been replaced(already) by a new, exact same model heat gun Who hopes that some day it to will be covered in ink, alcohol ink, paint and embossing powder Just like you were :)
Pinky- 2005-2009
Im in a rather odd mood today, so instead of talking about whats really bothering me i thought i would write this silly ode to my heat gun. Any way. Im about to art journal my brains out after a rather depressing day, but i thought i would share a page I made the other day. Im not quite sure how a bird on a sky line when with authentic but it made sense in my brain while i was making it. Still lovin the Aj102 class. I think im gonna take a class from Suzie Blu next. I like her style :)
Ok im just gonna put it out there.........Im a mess..........When i make stuff i throw things everywhere........I set things on the floor to dry or to get outta my way........Only to find it still sitting there 3 weeks later......Kinda forgotten but now with a shoe(or dog) print on it. I cant contain the chaos any more.......I talked to my sweet wonderful husband about this problem and Kinda suggested that I move the studio downstairs to where our office is now. That way the whole heat-rises-so-i-constantly-feel-like-i-have-menopause-in-my-studio-thing isnt a problem, and im kinda forced to keep it clean since its the first room you see when you open the front door. THEN He totally backtracks(prob cus he figures i wont keep it clean) and says we have to TALK about it. Im gonna work on him, cus i wanna move downstairs. I usually get my way so we shall see. Im off to go sweat off some lbs while i art journal....Have a great night.
Oh ya one more thing.......I have an etsy shop.......its never actually had anything in it but its there lol.......I have been going through thing again for the millionth time..........and im gonna start putting things in there very soon....Hopefully this weekend......links to come :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Journey

Im taking a mental break.....I have 10 million ideas running through my head and way less time to get them out on to paper. I signed up for Art Journaling 102 by Dina Wakely. I have really enjoyed it. I have been making 6-8 art journal pages a day, Letting my mind wander and the ink and paint guide me. I am so happy. I feel free. Free to let art be my muse instead of the latest and greatest thing. The next thing is a canvas I made a few weeks ago when I was upset. I wasnt sure if I was gonna post it or not, but alas I am. Under the mesh the title is Lack of.....All of my journaling is under the paint. I needed to cover up what i wrote and get over it :) You can see part of a mini album in the bottom right of the picture. Its a Hybrid album from House of 3 thats no longer available :( Its finished i just need some binder rings for it cus the ones i have are too small. I should be able to post it before the weekend IF I get my hands on some rings :) I cant wait to post it, it turned out totally cute and DH loved it. I didnt give it too him on valentines day..... I gave it to him on a day he was feeling blue and i think it made him feel better!!!!