Monday, August 25, 2008

I havent been slacking i swear!!!

We closed on the house last thurs!!! I am super super excited to start this next journey in our lives. Apparently buying was the easy part.....Decorating is my new nemesis and has been encompassing every moment(waking and sleeping) of my life. Wow who knew there was like 5 billion carpet choices. holy cow i told hubs i had no idea how we were ever gonna pick. We have made a tentative decision on that though. Then we move on to what the hell our decorating style is.......My life is lived in color......Duh i scrapbook lol. Today i wore a lime green tank with a yellow and white thing over the top. So i really like color. hubs on the other hand likes the more "normal" dare i say institutional colors like cream and taupe.....BORING. I think that we have pretty much agreed on a more normal scheme: Earthy colors with natural fibers and wood. I checked out some bamboo pieces for the walls. they are so amazing. i think were gonna put them around the fire place and in the kitchen. So i compromised big time on the colors but its studio will still be teal!!!! Happy happy time :) I prob wont be blogging all that much for the next month or so :( I will try and get on as much as i can....I just dont know how much time i will have for scrapping. Hope you like my inspirational pics....even if they dont make the cut for my home, the colors are scrappy goodness :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy freaking crap I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!

So Jeff and I bought a house today!!! Its so awesome....i never thought i would have a house by 25 but my wonderful hard working husband made it happen!!! The house is great, gotta change some stuff of course but the main thing is it belongs to us!!! This is the best feeling of my whole life!!!! Ok on to the scrapbooking lol
I started with a white piece of paper.......painted it with black and white. Letters are heidi swapp black accent is from prima. I like the Gothic kinda feel of the whole thing!!! Its a lot darker then what i usually do..... Ok off to scrap the pic of my new house!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

OLW and scrapjacked I have faith.....

WOW 2 posts in one day :) I couldn't help myself i super liked the way this one turned out!!! I started with the challenge from Scrapjacked. this time they picked bettiescrapbook. I love her style!!! I really liked that her lo had a monochromatic feel with a pop of color. I use a vintage book pages, and a vintage pattern. the tan circle thing at the bottom is the back of a prima deal that i had laying on my desk it was the right color so it made the cut lol!!!! I also combined the OLW challenge that is faith this time. hope you enjoy!!! My nephew is leaving today.......a little sad about it and a little happy to finally have my house to myself again :) im off to clean my studio from last nights adventures so i can mess it up again!!!!

My Dream House

This Lo was for the shopping challenge on SIS. I picked Pink paint, fabric, and the word "funky". I talked to Lucy on sis the other night, and she was telling me to take my time and layer with the watercolors. So, i figured i would give patients a try lol. I made the background with layers of green and blue. I dripped pink and blue on top of that. Patterned paper is by Daisy D, I washed it with Gesso. I love this paper the most!!!! I made the grass by cutting a piece of green basic grey. I thought it lacked depth so i washed it with Gesso, and 2 colors of green on top of that. The letters are old creative imaginations, i put gesso on them too to mute the colors. I sewed on this lo too!!! I really like the sewing.....I knew i would i just needed to conqure my sewing machine fears :) In the end i super love the way it turned out......I have been cranking out stuff this week....I hope i can keep up this creative momentum!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lots of thoughts of those no longer here......

Its been a year since my Grandma Fran passed away, I thought i would honor my thoughts of her with a lo :) I did the "shopping" challenge on SIS, I picked Sequins, an Envelope, and Number stamps. It was a super fun challenge as always. It tends to stretch my imagination alot.......who thought of using an envelope on a lo???? I like how it came out......I had a ton of thoughts running through my mind to journal, but i didnt feel like crying my eyes out so i went for simple and too the point. One day ill get it all out, just not now i guess. Funny how timing is everything. I tend to scrap what im feeling when i walk in to my studio.......Almost every day i think of scrapping about her, or my Aunt(who also passed), but the amount of emotion kinda overwhelms me :( One day im sure ill just do it and let it go.........ok im not gonna cry while i blog so ill change the subject.......I chose 3 other things from the shopping challenge to scrap with tonight, Ill post that lo tomorrow. Its super cute watercolor messy.....and HAPPY!!!! Hagd bloggin buddies :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello Sunshine

Well I have finally done it.......This is by far my fav lo i have created thus far. Everything just clicks and made me happy. I sewed(i have had a sewing machine since the beginning of the year and its just sat there) I used my fav color combo too!!! This lo was for a challenge from Category Stories, and also a challenge from SIS to use negitive space on a layout. My life is super good, an only getting better....I should embrace it and whine less ;) Now im off to sew, use masking tape, and complete the Shopping challenge!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Original art

I made this a while back for a challenge on SIStv. It was so fun. She spun the bottle and whatever it landed on we had to use. Stamps, rub on, glimmermist, something outta the trash!!! Fun stuff. I won a gift cert too :) paper is Prima, Rub on chandelier is hambly, wings from tattered tags. I really like using negative space on layouts. There is a challenge up on sis now to make a layout with neg to try it!!!! Hagd guys!!!! Oh ya i almost forgot.....I was wondering if any of my lovely blog readers know about web site design and stuff. I need help!!! Email me if you or someone you know is a genius :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mt. Charleston.....AND an announcment!!!

I was feeling woodsy the other day!!! This is a pic of us 1/2 way up Mt Charleston in Las Vegas. We had a great time that day :) Paper from sei, love elsie. Simple and happy happy!!!! Ok on to the announcement........I have decided to teach classes on my own. I dont want to be put into any particular mold so im just gonna go my own way!!! Email me for more details. Im working on my website now!!! Im super excited about that......Look for updates on that soon too. Talk to you guys soon :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandpas stories

I have the most amazing grandparents ever and this week is their anniversary so i have had them on the brain. This pic was sitting on my counter begging to be scrapped :) My grandpa is a story teller, and i love it. I could listen to him for hours and hours. Makes me smile!!! Lo is a circle so i think it will become a wall hanging in my studio!!! I was feeling shabby chic so i pulled out this making memories i have been hoarding(who me? guilty as charged) I loved the colors sooooooo sooooo much. This has a light airy happy feel. I really enjoyed making it. So i finally took the plunge and started submitting some of my stuff to mag design teams and stuff.......Its SUPER scary. art is so personal and im such a softy we'll have to see how it goes.............Oh ya on a non scrappy note, i finally convinced my husband to let me have a cat............We went from dog, to rabbit, to hamster, to cat(he kept saying no no no no no). I can deal with that!!! I'm home by myself all the time and i need some company!!! I have never really been a "cat" person but then it hit me......cats are solitary, do their own thing, dont have time to be bothered with tricks, AND SO AM I!!! i found a beautiful cat at this non profit place......Fingers crossed I can get him tomorrow!!! Look out ladies their might be a million cat los in the future. oh ya and hubs is actually excited about it(And he decided that it was his idea all along? Men i swear)!!!! On another note i have decided to stop swearing.....I swear like a sailor and i need to stop is there cussers anonymous or something cus im already having a hard time :) till tomorrow.........
Tip of the day: Notice how my background is white today instead of the usual messy desk? I saw some where online that you should photograph your layouts on some white foam core(i got mine at Micheal's for a project i never got around to) OUTSIDE standing over them with no flash. I never use flash because it leaves weird bright spots on the lo that i can never fix, but i never really thought about the foam core!!! It worked great. all of the lo that i photographed this week turned out great!!! Give it a try.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I got scrappy yesterday!!!!! Finally cranked some stuff out :) Im taking a break from the a to z album for a while(i will be giving the blog candy away next week!). I'm a little bored with it :) This is a pic of me at my Grandma Frans when i was 10 months old. I know, I know Im the cutest baby you have ever seen in your life! LoL. The Polaroid was laying on my desk last night and the old Scarlet basic grey was on the top of my stack so i thought what the heck i have only had this stuff laying around forever so why not do something!!! I was in a grungy mood, so i got out my fav Tim Holtz stamps ever and got to work. I like the end result!!! Tomorrow ill post the other layout i did last night its totally the opposite style as this one LOL. Its not photographing very well tonight for some reason. Hagn bloggers
Tip of the day: Right now go into your scrap stuff and pull out the oldest papers you have, and three embellishments that you have had forever too. Force yourself to use them on a layout......then reward your self with some much needed shopping!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Im going................... I am so excited!!!! I know its gonna be truly inspiring :) Donna Downey is one of my biggest scrapbook heroes. I cant wait to meet her and just everyone in general. I have a slight issue with going to public places alone and stuff but im gonna conquer my fears just to experience this opportunity! If anyone else is going email me!!!!

Company is here..........And I read. Who knew???

Hey guys. Hubs Nephew is visiting for a week, 10 days, 2 weeks, ok now i think its up to three weeks lol. Hes ok 15 and a good kid. I might be off for a while i dont know? I have to entertain him while Jeff is at work :)
I made this Lo sat for the SSC on Sistv. I loved her topic..... Life Happens. I happen to use this excuse for why i dont clean ALOT. I dont clean, i am messy, and I dont care!!! I love my studio in all its messy mayhem and chaos :) I used mostly stuff from the Scarlet Lime kit. I cant wait to get this months kit in a few days!!!! If you are even slightly interested in getting kits check them out!!!!
On a non scrapping note.......I have read a bunch since i was a little kid. I has always been a very on again off agian relationship with this hobby though, mostly cus the only person i know that reads is my grandma. BUT i Happened upon this thread on sis and it lead me to Good Reads. Finally I have some idea about what to pick up at the book store!!! If you read and like the site my sn is Jeffsgirl add me as a friend and see what I think about the books I have read!!!!

Tip of the day: On this layout i used crackle paint one the little { sign thing. I wanted it to have dimension so I painted it with regular making memories paint in red first then added the Ranger mustard crackle over it. After it was dry a dry brushed more red on top to really make it pop! Try using a contrasting base color under your crackle paint next time!!!