Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Company is here..........And I read. Who knew???

Hey guys. Hubs Nephew is visiting for a week, 10 days, 2 weeks, ok now i think its up to three weeks lol. Hes ok 15 and a good kid. I might be off for a while i dont know? I have to entertain him while Jeff is at work :)
I made this Lo sat for the SSC on Sistv. I loved her topic..... Life Happens. I happen to use this excuse for why i dont clean ALOT. I dont clean, i am messy, and I dont care!!! I love my studio in all its messy mayhem and chaos :) I used mostly stuff from the Scarlet Lime kit. I cant wait to get this months kit in a few days!!!! If you are even slightly interested in getting kits check them out!!!!
On a non scrapping note.......I have read a bunch since i was a little kid. I has always been a very on again off agian relationship with this hobby though, mostly cus the only person i know that reads is my grandma. BUT i Happened upon this thread on sis and it lead me to Good Reads. Finally I have some idea about what to pick up at the book store!!! If you read and like the site my sn is Jeffsgirl add me as a friend and see what I think about the books I have read!!!!

Tip of the day: On this layout i used crackle paint one the little { sign thing. I wanted it to have dimension so I painted it with regular making memories paint in red first then added the Ranger mustard crackle over it. After it was dry a dry brushed more red on top to really make it pop! Try using a contrasting base color under your crackle paint next time!!!


Christi Flores said...

I love this layout! I know how it is having to entertain company. Hang in there! :)

Lee said...

Very cool layout!!! I love the color and I totally stamp room is a DISaster!! LOL Have fun with the nephew!!!