Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lorrie.......email me so i have your addy!!!

4 am bullets again

  • Finished my custom album......145 pages in 3 days GO ME!!!
  • Frantically working on stuff for the craft fair sat....details on that tomorrow
  • Playing with my kps box o goodies.....Hopefully ill be done with that tomorrow too
  • Taking the most awesome class ever.....Layer love by Julie prichard maybe ill get pics of my trials up tomorrow. The class is closed though sorry
  • Realizing that i have alot of stuff to do tomorrow
  • Praying im off wed so i can finish the over flow then :)
  • Big news happened today....cant share till its official but its big VERY BIG
  • No im not pregnant
  • Dick Blick rocks my world :) I will be anxiously awaiting my package!!!!!
  • Next Month I plan on taking this class by my fav mixed media artist Suzi Blu
  • No mini tutorial monday cus im crazy busy and im waiting for this stuff to come in the mail(long story)
  • I havent made anything for myself since my last post and that sucks big time
  • I might go crank something out real quick :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wax and art journal page

I got super bored with my custom album work last night so i thought i would play in my studio some. Art journaling brings out some strange introspection for me. This one is called outsider. I wasnt going to post this since i usually put up happy happy joy joy stuff, but this is a blog about me and my life through art. The quote says "Shake off this sadness and come out of yourself a little". Its from a vintage version of Heidi I found. The picture is from a Free People catalogue On a completely other note I made this tiny canvas with wax. It was a trial run of a few techniques i saw on youtube. Stamping in wax and painting over it with acrylic paint then melting it to get this crackle effect. The little frame is from House of 3!I made the whole thing, looked at all of its imperfections and aptly titled it beauty. I love it and plan on hanging it in my bathroom to remind myself that imperfection is beauty :) Im off to finish my album so i can deliver it tomorrow.....Hoepfully ill get some time to mess around in the studio some more!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

seriously 4 am and im doin POTD

I have a mountain of work to do.......so i decided to blog lol. Not really im totally done for the day my brain isnt working and its almost 4 am ;)
Potd still going strong
I have big plans for these pictures......mini album......cover and back with just the pics inside.....jump rings and ZERO embellishments........GASP........I want to see my life for what it is. crazy pics capturing simple things with one liners that make me smile. If i ever make it to the photo printing place Ill post pics......now off too bed

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wax tutorial part 1

I love researching new techniques and teaching myself how to do them!! I thought I would start sharing some fun tutorials on mondays. First up is a crayon encaustic technique. This is super fun and easy. I bought a few things last night and started playing right away. This is part 1- The basics :)
Supplies needed:
A heating source- I used a electric skillet, but i have see people use an electric griddle and even a pan on the stove
paint brushes- natural bristled cheap ones
a muffin tin(the cheap kind)
A quilting iron- I got mine at Joanns made by clover you can also use a low heat iron(not one u use on clothes though k!)
Step 1
Heat your electric skillet to 200 degrees put a little water in the bottom so you dont scorch your muffin tinStep 2
Break your crayons into pieces. Take the paper off and drop them into the tinStep 3
When its melted you can brush it on with a paint brush. You can let the wax dry on the brushes so you can use them later! No clean up :) Just set the brush in the tin and when it heats up the wax will be read to use again and again!!! Same thing goes with the wax when it hardens you can take it out to reuse laterStep 4
If you have lumpy parts you want to smooth out. heat up the quilting iron and run it over the dried wax to remelt it. U can use the iron to make designs in the wax too.Another cool thing you can make with the crayons is wax cakes. Drop a few crayons into the tin and let them melt. Put the tin into the freezer to harden, then pop the cake out. Press the cake to the quilting iron to make drips on your paper. The drips come out swirly which is super cool!!!!Heres my semi finished piece! Hope you liked the tutorial. Part 2 next monday!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

TGIF even though thats when my week begins

I love bullets :)
  • Theres no fence separating my yard from my neighbors right now
  • Hopefully there will be by Sunday??
  • If my dog chews through the new fence im gonna scream
  • I have the best husband ever!!!
  • I went to buy canvases from Kelly Rae and when i hit check out all of them were sold out :(
  • Laundry sucks big time
  • Taking a whole lot more pictures lately!!!
  • Happy about working and making money!!!
  • Finished some art journaling!!!
  • I think im gonna rename my art journal motivations to me :)
  • I used water color crayons on this and although I like the effect my paper hated the water....it beaded up pretty bad :(
  • Guess i should go get ready since i need to leave in 30 min lol

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My intro is up on KPS if u guys wanna check it out.....She said such nice things about me I almost cried :)

Happy Tuesday

Back on my normal sleep schedule thank God!!! The canvas above is really small.... 5 x 5 i think. Super quick and easy to make. Its now one of the first things u see when u walk into my house. Im gonna make some more this week using wax on top. Im messing around with ideas for a craft fair im doing here at the end of the month. The background is one we did in a mini class with Rebbecca Grawl and the house idea kinda came from jen Stewart's class. I was inspired lol. I made 3 more of these last night too all in about an hour. Will post more later.
Wanna see my Photos of the day????

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paint under my nails makes me happy.....

I feel like my creative spirit is renewed.....not necessarily because of what we made, but more like the energy I felt the past week. Being around so many creative people empowered me. I knew i would be around creative souls at inspired, but i didnt realize how much i would honestly relate to the wonderful people i met. I met so many people that I really understood and for the first time ever in my life i feel like they got the real me and it was great. I wasnt anyone different for anyones sake. I was me i laughed and joke and complained and was messy and sprayed bbg on anyone i wanted and it was OK. This is gonna be a huge run on sentence post sorry grandma.

My new secret dream in life is to live in a commune of artists....a commune with electricity and toilets of course :) I think that would make me super happy. At the closing dinner Kelly Rae Roberts spoke and what she said touched me to my inner core. She talked about feeling out of place like something was missing in her life and she couldnt figure out what it was....the she discovered art and her life was at peace. Thats kinda how i have been feeling. I have had some kinda art in my life for just about forever. Mostly crafty stuff my grandma showed me. And looking back on those moments, thats when i felt at peace. Now when I'm in my studio with my lovely green painting dress on making a huge mess, I feel whole too. I still dont know where this creative ride will take me but im gonna embrace it and make it mine. Just for me. Im gonna make messes, wear blue eyeshadow, paint my nails hot pink, get an art degree, paint whether its pretty or not, take crazy pictures and thats that. Most of this I already do anyway but i really need to stop caring about what other people think i should do with my life and focus on what makes me happy.

Ok im gonna unpack a little and make some stuff.....I might post again later today with some more pics from inspired. Cathy Z made a blog post into a lo and i think i see that happening with this one.....I need to keep this front and center in my mind......Have a wonderful day!!! GET MESSY FOR U :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life is Blessed and I am INSPIRED

Im gonna make a few posts about my time at inspired this past week....This one Bullet style :)
  • I only slept 14 hours in 4 days... I usually sleep 9 or 10 a night....coffee was required
  • My roommates were so beyond amazing i cant believe it
  • Donna Downey might be one of the nicest people I have ever met
  • I kinda like fabric books who knew???
  • Cathy Z went to the same college as me so we bonded lol
  • Beta beta gamma(our made up sorority) was one of the most fun group of woman ever
  • Im not big on "conditioning" clay.... I dont see clay artist making it to my resume any time soon
  • I won the grand prize the last night.....A free trip back next year.....I cant wait to see these ladies again
  • I actually met a ton of people from dfw at inspired....I cant wait to hang out with them
  • Kelly rae Roberts speech moved me beyond words.....she is a true inspiration
  • Im off to finish some projects...soon to be posted :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 am bullet stlye

  • Garage sale went beyond fabulous :) the little bit thats left is going to goodwill
  • Semi packing for inspired....ok lets be honest i have been thinking about packing all day and havent started
  • Spray tan makes my feet look like i have leprosy
  • a huge spider fell on me while jeff and i were watching tv. I HATE BUGS
  • When I wake up its officially 2 days until i leave for inspired
  • I have a bout a billion things to do in 2 short days....tomorrow SHOPPING all day
  • i really like bullets and i think if i use them more ill blog more often
  • My puppy Genghis got fixed on thurs and i havent seen him since (hes spending time at grandmas) I miss him more then i could ever imagin......7 days from today i get to hug and kiss him again :)
  • I hate bandwagons but I think im gonna try and do Photo of the Day.....my cameras lonely
  • Mom let me borrow this!!! I cant wait till the film gets here!!!!!
  • I cleaned out my car today and found a million pairs of black shoes(i have to wear them at work and they all hurt my feet)
  • ive been watching her and her and her on Youtube alot lately
  • This bullet concludes 4 am bullet style...hope u liked the quick update