Monday, May 4, 2009

4 am bullet stlye

  • Garage sale went beyond fabulous :) the little bit thats left is going to goodwill
  • Semi packing for inspired....ok lets be honest i have been thinking about packing all day and havent started
  • Spray tan makes my feet look like i have leprosy
  • a huge spider fell on me while jeff and i were watching tv. I HATE BUGS
  • When I wake up its officially 2 days until i leave for inspired
  • I have a bout a billion things to do in 2 short days....tomorrow SHOPPING all day
  • i really like bullets and i think if i use them more ill blog more often
  • My puppy Genghis got fixed on thurs and i havent seen him since (hes spending time at grandmas) I miss him more then i could ever imagin......7 days from today i get to hug and kiss him again :)
  • I hate bandwagons but I think im gonna try and do Photo of the cameras lonely
  • Mom let me borrow this!!! I cant wait till the film gets here!!!!!
  • I cleaned out my car today and found a million pairs of black shoes(i have to wear them at work and they all hurt my feet)
  • ive been watching her and her and her on Youtube alot lately
  • This bullet concludes 4 am bullet style...hope u liked the quick update


Unknown said...

I love you buddy and I loved the bullet update!

Rainy said...

I wish I could have made the sale!!! Glad to hear it went good. Where are you getting film for the camera? I have one but can't find film. HUgs and have fun in NC.