Monday, May 18, 2009

Wax tutorial part 1

I love researching new techniques and teaching myself how to do them!! I thought I would start sharing some fun tutorials on mondays. First up is a crayon encaustic technique. This is super fun and easy. I bought a few things last night and started playing right away. This is part 1- The basics :)
Supplies needed:
A heating source- I used a electric skillet, but i have see people use an electric griddle and even a pan on the stove
paint brushes- natural bristled cheap ones
a muffin tin(the cheap kind)
A quilting iron- I got mine at Joanns made by clover you can also use a low heat iron(not one u use on clothes though k!)
Step 1
Heat your electric skillet to 200 degrees put a little water in the bottom so you dont scorch your muffin tinStep 2
Break your crayons into pieces. Take the paper off and drop them into the tinStep 3
When its melted you can brush it on with a paint brush. You can let the wax dry on the brushes so you can use them later! No clean up :) Just set the brush in the tin and when it heats up the wax will be read to use again and again!!! Same thing goes with the wax when it hardens you can take it out to reuse laterStep 4
If you have lumpy parts you want to smooth out. heat up the quilting iron and run it over the dried wax to remelt it. U can use the iron to make designs in the wax too.Another cool thing you can make with the crayons is wax cakes. Drop a few crayons into the tin and let them melt. Put the tin into the freezer to harden, then pop the cake out. Press the cake to the quilting iron to make drips on your paper. The drips come out swirly which is super cool!!!!Heres my semi finished piece! Hope you liked the tutorial. Part 2 next monday!!!!

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Unknown said...

Love the melted crayon idea! great blog you got going on....I'll be back. :)