Friday, May 15, 2009

TGIF even though thats when my week begins

I love bullets :)
  • Theres no fence separating my yard from my neighbors right now
  • Hopefully there will be by Sunday??
  • If my dog chews through the new fence im gonna scream
  • I have the best husband ever!!!
  • I went to buy canvases from Kelly Rae and when i hit check out all of them were sold out :(
  • Laundry sucks big time
  • Taking a whole lot more pictures lately!!!
  • Happy about working and making money!!!
  • Finished some art journaling!!!
  • I think im gonna rename my art journal motivations to me :)
  • I used water color crayons on this and although I like the effect my paper hated the beaded up pretty bad :(
  • Guess i should go get ready since i need to leave in 30 min lol


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Great art journal page! I love the buttons! Your dog is adorable!

Rainy said...

Saw you on the video on Donna's site. One pic of you and a pair of scissors was kind of scarry. LOL I relized I didn't know who Donna was until I saw your blog. So you probably owe me some money since I have bought a lot more since then. I'm really going to try and go to Inspired next year. Hugs

Anonymous said...

I love the pic's especially the kitchen one and Spot!

I agree too, that scissors picture is scarey!

Bernadette DeMoro said...

I hate commenting on blogs It didn't tell you it was me.