Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life is Blessed and I am INSPIRED

Im gonna make a few posts about my time at inspired this past week....This one Bullet style :)
  • I only slept 14 hours in 4 days... I usually sleep 9 or 10 a was required
  • My roommates were so beyond amazing i cant believe it
  • Donna Downey might be one of the nicest people I have ever met
  • I kinda like fabric books who knew???
  • Cathy Z went to the same college as me so we bonded lol
  • Beta beta gamma(our made up sorority) was one of the most fun group of woman ever
  • Im not big on "conditioning" clay.... I dont see clay artist making it to my resume any time soon
  • I won the grand prize the last night.....A free trip back next year.....I cant wait to see these ladies again
  • I actually met a ton of people from dfw at inspired....I cant wait to hang out with them
  • Kelly rae Roberts speech moved me beyond words.....she is a true inspiration
  • Im off to finish some projects...soon to be posted :)


Mrs. Spotts said...

Hey Missy! I told you I would check you out, and here I am! It was so fun meeting you at Inspired. I might even try my hand at blogging, which I only thought of because you asked if I had one! So, you inspired me! I am back at work this morning, a bit of a shock to the system. Hope you are resting after only 14 hours of sleep. Can't wait to see your posted projects. - Lorrie (the jeans girl)

Zanne said...

Hey Bree! I linked to your blog! You are so dang talented. Congrats on making a design team!!!! It was great meeting you! See you on Facebook.