Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Inspirations

Gosh.....I am sooooooooo busy and I love it!!!! This week i need to finish my class sample for the barn(YES they let ME of all people teach lol) I'm really looking forward to all of the good stuff that's happening in Mine and Jeff's life!!! OK on to inspirations. To tell you the truth i almost forgot But without further ado here are MY inspirations for this week:

Those who know me know that in order for something to be perfect it needs to include pink or teal, sparkles, and something fun..... WELL HERE IS ALL OF THAT IN ONE!!!!This chick as awesome and I will be ordering this or something like it as soon as i finish this post(OK i couldn't wait...i ordered it now)!!! I am totally gonna use this for a LO sometime it screams all things cute and wonderful!!!

NUMERO DUOS(i don't spell in Spanish) Next up is one of my scrapping hero's who's new book The Doodle formula is now out. She just rocks. I envy her doodling ability and love her blog to death!! Check it out here. Everything there makes me wanna make something.

Last but not least We have: this beautiful piece of clothing from Thailand. I love the bright colors and geometric design. I hope you guys enjoy these links and images!!! GO MAKE SOMETHING :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is My life :)

I Made this super Quick book with my new bind it all last night at 2am while Jeff was watching Star Trek(Hes a big tattooed nerd LOL). JK i watch it some times too so i guess im a tattooed nerd 2!!!!I just took some cardboard that came with an Internet order i received and cut it to 5"x7" and painted it white doodled on it and placed some felt over it. The letters are die cut letters from Luxe Designs and the little bird and flower are foam from Michael's. It makes me happy!! I'm retarded and only put like 6 sheets of paper in it. Jenn said that might last me a day or 2 but not a month :) Shes right but this is pretty and can sit on my desk with all of the other stuff that i make for no other reason then to amuse my self. The idea for the book came from the current webisode on scrapinstyletv! I love that site check it out NOW. Ok I'm off to surf the web for art supplies for a swap I'm doing. Jenn left the book Scraptastic over here....IM NOT GIVING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in love with yet another book. 3rd winner this year(life artist and Journal revolution are the other 2 check them out 2 they rock) Stop stalkin and go make something :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of what i am currently working on!
Its a mini book with affirmations for myself on every page. Journal Revolution was a huge inspiration for making this journal. I have been trying not to put my self in a scrappin box, and that book really changed my way of crafting. I need to continue to grow and not get stuck on what everyone else thinks is "Good Art". I need to BE ME!!! I think i needed to be told that if i mess up its ok(doesn't everyone?) Anyway, I used the obscure line from Basic Grey through out the book as well as LOTS of paint( that's why its on my hand LOL) Jenn snapped this cute pic at our all day crop at the Scrapbook barn on sat!!! Thanks Jenn this pic rocks my socks:) I'm hoping to finish it this week so i can work on an ART Journal for a class that I'm teaching at the Barn in May. Nite bloggin buddies!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


I have decided that today.... Sundays i guess.....I will post some of my random inspirations. why you ask? cus everyone else is doing it and we all might learn something!!!!
Heres number one. These are amazing and AHEM if any of you know me IRL you could maybe slip one of these my way in june for my birthday(I'll get back to you with my ring size:)Carissa is actually the inspiration piece and one of my super many favs.....Im gonna make paper look like this one day this week(wish me luck!) Im on a big messy paint kick this month. I have been painting in my kitchen(i like to stand up to paint!) ok back on topic now......Number Two This card rocks my socks! I made it on a crazy 1 AM card making frenzy the other day. I love the colors and texture and the pattern. I just love everything about it. Paper: Bazzil, Creative Imaginations, Ribbon: ??? I dont know but i hope i have more, Tag: Embossed tag from prima i think? I painted it with making memories paint and then covered it with ultra thick embossing powder 2 times to get that orange peel texture then added a rub on by Jenni Bowlin with was slightly difficult but i worked it out LOL. These are currently my fav colors so thats where the inspiration is for you:)

Last but not least I believe that everyone should branch out and try something new so check out the galleries here and pick something that you have never tried before and do it!!! Jenn I challenge you to make clay buttons(and some for me) You know you want to :) I hope you guys find something useful in these inspirations. if i can get a pic of it Ill show you the craziest inspiration piece or should i say building!!!! I made the coolest lo from it :) Have fun making stuff!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just for Mrs. Moody......This is the album I made my Grandma for her birthday on March 13Th!!! Love you the most grandma!!!!!! You can click on the image to make it larger. BEWARE If you can read the journaling.....It WILL make you cry, you have been warned!!! I didn't edit the pics btw so get over it lol ;) All pattered paper is from Jenni Bowlin I love it. Don't really have much else to say about it at 1 am ha ha. I have been scrapbooking allot....I will share some soon. I'm takin a break from card making.....well kinda I do still have a bunch to share with my bloggin buddies. What else???? Oh ya, Thanks to everyone for the well wishes with my new job. I LOVE IT!!! I even made a new friend HI JENN!!! I really like it did i mention that yet???? It has really helped to fuel my creative fire.....tomorrow im croppin from 10 AM till 12 AM 6 of those hours im working though lol. I am super excited....Did I tell you I love my job? Ok ya i did :) Enough for today.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tinkering around

I love how this layout turned out. All of the paper is from tinkering ink!! Possibly one of my favorite lines right now!!! The side images were cut with the nestabilities, and doodled on with a gel pen. I actually hand wrote the ya I hate my handwriting so this is a big deal. Even if you can see it in the picture you prob still cant read it LOL. It says: Up, up, and away we go.....To Vegas baby!!! This is Jeff and I at dfw airport in feb 07. We're going to stay at Nico's condo cus I won a Halloween contest! Jeff is sleepy from working the night before and I am ready to gamble!!! I brought max my teddy bear, some mags, and my Ipod and camera. Jeff brought his portable DVD player and ipod with him. were ready for a great trip.

Ok so the journaling is messy and not necessarily magical writing, but its a big step for me. Since i read Ali Edwards book Life artist, I have felt a renewed spirit for scrap booking our memories. I want to remember small things like this forever!!!! Hope you enjoyed the lo!!! I'm typing in a ton of stuff on blogger tonight so be ready :) I hope to be sharing more on a regular basis. My life is finally starting to calm down after sickness and mayhem the past month. Oh ya......I GOT A JOB AT A SCRAPBOOK STORE!!!!!!! yes I know Its a dream job, and I am so happy!!!! Hopefully life will go back on the up swing now! Harmony.....I'm still working on it :) ******I just realized that only one picture is showing up, so i readded the other one. So While your reading this ( and im sleeping lol) I have a feeling there will be three pics instead of 2 cus blogger hates me :( Ill try and fix it again tomorrow if i can!!!!