Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art saves

Im the guest curator this week on Jen Doh's website.....reading my story might make more sense out of my recent blog is different but its becoming oh so much better......its good to start finding yourself even if its through not the best circumstances :)

things on this blog will probably be going in a bit of a different direction. I have always shared happy things in happy times with a smile or a smirk......lately ive been feeling really emotion and that has been connected to what ive been making. Prepare for a little more real life being lived out on here..... Stories matter as much as pretty pictures and techniques in my option so sit back....relax....and prepare for the ride lol

My friend debbie was talking to me about oprahs lifeclass awhile back.....lifeclass sounded interesting....but oprah????? not really my thing. I watched an episode and i was floored. the things coming out of her mouth were literally speaking to my soul. this particular lesson was.....when you know better you do better. simple sweet and powerful. Many times through out my life i have questioned my choices and the path i was on. after watching this show i became more at peace with my previous decissions..... I did the best that i could with what i was given so how could i be mad at myself. Now i know better....I guess i should do better ;)

I wanted this quote up on the wall in my studio as a constant reminder to myself......its a really calming thought for me..... So heres my little canvas board with a swirly seemed fitting......

Create what makes you happy :)