Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Im not in kansas anymore.....

But I was lol. I left Thursday to go visit my friend Kirsten. 9 hour car ride on 4 hours of sleep was a little stressful but once i got there the fun and shopping began!!!! Its amazing that you can meet a random person and have sooooooo much in common with them. We had an awesome weekend.....Hilariously good time!!! I bought out half of Kansas and Iowa.....Heres the first upload.My wall of awesomeness is coming together
Got this at the Des Moines art faire
Super cheap and super cute
Tea Pitcher!!!!
Im pretty sure this is the second most awesome thing i bought
Chartreuse Pyrex plate...Pure heaven.....Number one find on my trip.....They match my kitchen.... The best part 12 plates for $25 holy shit batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like them on my cake stand ;)
Everyone needs a king size quickie!!!!
This is my life
Strange and awesome
Super love these gnomes.....and at 6 for $6 i took 3 and kirsten took 3!!!!!
awesome shoes from a store called half of half.....
I think this is the beginning of a weird cow collection!!!!
salt and pepper shakers and a milk glass bowl for my splenda

Once i sort out everything in my studio ill show u what i bought for in there! Tomorrow i have an actual scrapbook page to show WOW

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inspiration take ;)

Donna's video super inspired me this week!!! I loved the colors and the iron on on hers so i put my spin on it..... practiced my writing with the dip pen....I think this is the best its ever turned out!!! I hate my hand writing but im learning to deal with it and practice to make it better. The whole page makes me smile.....i think it will be coming out of the book and gracing my walls soon since it matches ;)

I have been doing some reorganizing lately....I purged a ton of stuff a month ago. Its still sitting in my hallway for the garage sale im GOING to have someday soon. I have been inspired by Crafty Storage blog. Check it out and be on the look out for some organizing tips here tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When nature speaks..... Listen

I was just at the bookstore having an indepth conversation with my grandma about life, love, growth, and change. In the end I was a little sad and worried about the future and what I need to do. There's so much in life confusing me right now..... So I pull out of the parking lot.....stop at a stop sign and this blows into my lap.....

Sometime nature feels the need to point u in the right direction..... Im crying and listening God :) u and Grandma are right.

Dont usually post mushy feely stuff on here but in 10 years i want to remember this moment.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspired Prima messenger bag

So heres my bag from inspired......The whole thing makes me giddy!!! I learned a ton of new things in the process....some good some bad.....bleed a little (kept poking myself with the embroidery needle).....In the end i really liked how it turned out......messy.....bright.....and gangsta lol click on the pics to make them bigger :)

Embroidery is sooooooo not my thing, but it added cool texture
Sprayed over some thickers
The back is a "Gangsta sewing" house.....Got the Idea from Rebecca's Mini class last year....some times you literally stumble upon an idea lol(yes i tripped over it in my closet)
Photos printed on fabric paper.....Take the freaking backing off before u try to sew it on geez....i broke a needle on that one!
Love this phrase.....Inspired built allot of creativity in me!!!

Will post some of the process pics tomorrow!!! Till then....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prima canvas messenger bag

Hard at work in the studio dying canvas

FYI the only way I got the ranger color wash off was bleach lol

Teaching myself gangsta embroidery!!! I have poked myself a million times

Making flowers outta my rags..... More on those fri with better pics

Side note.... The new iPhone is suppose to have flash so that will help my lazy blogging pics!!!

Also in the midst of painting our patio furniture

Happy colors!!!!! Painting here and there when I'm outside

Lots to share on fri so get ready for a lengthy post!!!!

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