Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Im not in kansas anymore.....

But I was lol. I left Thursday to go visit my friend Kirsten. 9 hour car ride on 4 hours of sleep was a little stressful but once i got there the fun and shopping began!!!! Its amazing that you can meet a random person and have sooooooo much in common with them. We had an awesome weekend.....Hilariously good time!!! I bought out half of Kansas and Iowa.....Heres the first upload.My wall of awesomeness is coming together
Got this at the Des Moines art faire
Super cheap and super cute
Tea Pitcher!!!!
Im pretty sure this is the second most awesome thing i bought
Chartreuse Pyrex plate...Pure heaven.....Number one find on my trip.....They match my kitchen.... The best part 12 plates for $25 holy shit batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like them on my cake stand ;)
Everyone needs a king size quickie!!!!
This is my life
Strange and awesome
Super love these gnomes.....and at 6 for $6 i took 3 and kirsten took 3!!!!!
awesome shoes from a store called half of half.....
I think this is the beginning of a weird cow collection!!!!
salt and pepper shakers and a milk glass bowl for my splenda

Once i sort out everything in my studio ill show u what i bought for in there! Tomorrow i have an actual scrapbook page to show WOW


Unknown said...

What awesome goodness Bree! Can't wait to see what else you bought.

JustAnotherGirl said...

That piggy bank is adorable!