Monday, September 5, 2011

Travel art journaling

Sooooo i went to Boston way back in july and since then i have planned a travel art journal post....hmm a month in the making it better be good right????? I often do searches on peoples travel journal supplies and i mostly come up empty handed......i can only find water color journal stuff.....What about the all around art journalers????? Here's what i took with me and some commentary on what worked and what didnt :)

Heres my airline approved quart size ziplock bag....i was amazed at how much fit!!!!!

Here are the pic to enlarge! The tiny golden bottles were awesome...i got some as samples and some i bought in a pack at Michael's i think....i brought white, cobalt teal, naphthol red light, phtalo blue, phtalo green, micaceous iron oxide, quinacridone magenta, yellow ochre, hansa yellow, and black.....I used everything in this bag(minus a few paint colors) and i was glad that i brought it all.
Heres a pic of my carry on bag(purse lol) from the return trip. 2 things were added while i was away....another journal and a travel water cup :)

Misc contents of my bag not otherwise mentioned :) I used everyone of these items.....i would like to find a smaller roll of tape...or make my was bulky.....the bulldog clip is a must....

inside of my carry on was a super cool hello kitty lunchbox that housed all of my random things. this box fit perfectly next to my journal on the plane and it made it easy to find what i needed!!!
Im pretty sure i used all of this at one time or another too.....minus the stamps.....the wad of unlabeled pens and stuff are water brushes, sharpies, siglo white pen, nib pen, paint brushes, and a couple of markers

I always bring a 8 1/2 x 11 page protector filled with random bits with me....i also add random bits to  my stack while im gone. there are a few stencils in here, vintage paper, scrapbook paper, mini letter stickers, journal spots, printed words, tags, punchinella etc.......
Technology :) I ended up taking and editing the majority of my pictures on my Iphone.....which is not pictured because its taking the picture lol
Things to add next time:
paper towels.....just a few folded
a washcloth to wipe my brushes
a travel cup....which i bought while i was there
my heat gun....i thought it was bulky but im to impatient to leave home with out it
shipping tags.....totally forgot to add a few of these in
maybe a ranger spray ink or 2..... i kinda missed them.....i was thinking about filling mini misters with them
more gel medium.....that tiny container wasnt enough
things to subtract:
not sure on this one...... i felt kinda good about the variety of things i brought and i used most of it
Lessons learned:
Narrowing down what you use all the time is key.....bring what makes you happy (even if it is too much ).....make a mess on the starts interesting conversations with strangers....journaling with your friends in utter silence is pretty much priceless......those moments stick with you :)

What do you bring with u on the road???? what are your must haves???? I would love to see some pictures!