Friday, May 21, 2010

Donna Downey's Inspired 2010 Pt 2

Welcome to part 2!!!!! all of these pics are from wed and Thurs. Before i left this year i made a post on the inspired yahoo group to see if any one wanted to sight see with me. I received an email from Cheryl. Turns out shes the most fabulous person i have ever met. She was put in my life at this point in time for a reason. She has the strongest and most beautiful soul ever. we laughed and talked for hours. she gave me wise advice that i will follow forever. Shes my new hero in life. I truly love her dearly.
shes silly and beautiful all in one. I love the pic above and below equally. she makes me smile!!!!
We went to donnas new studio on wed. I totally loved it. When u walk in u know its her studio. The plans she has for this place are freaking awesome. I wish i could transplant it to texas!!!!! Cheryl and i shopped a ton and hung out with donna for a bit. Donnas an amazing person :)

This is one of primas messenger bags. we got one on registration day to decorate......Mine is in the works so get ready for pretties!!!!!
Some of donnas paintings that are hung on the walls. I love the colors and the fabulous textures!!!!!

Love this quote!

One of donnas aprons
Thurs I took donnas apron class. I totally loved it. learned some new techniques.
Heres mine......Inky and splotchy. Makes me smile!!!!! I wanna add some stuff to it. ribbons and bits. Its on my list of things to do lol
Tune in tomorrow for waaaaaaaaaay more pics.

Till then.......
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Donna Downey's Inspired 2010

AHHHHHHHHH home again and semi settled back into the swing of things....... I dont have words to express how wonderful inspired was for me this year. Last year i met cool people made some stuff and in then end made one friend who is beyond awesome(luv u Lorrie!!!) This year was so different. I flew in on tue: took some random pictures unpacked all my goodiesWednesday I got up and proceeded to Downtown Concord
In my mini rental car and failed miserably at parallel parking ha haGraffiti makes me smile!!!loved the color inspirations!!!!!
Got some awesome skull beads
Lots more pics to share in the next week followed by tons of art I have been creating since I got back :)
Till then.....
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 days before I leave.....

Making a journal last minute

Packing KINDA

Huge list still left to pack

Taking tiny pictures(sorry they're upside down lol)

With my new camera!!!!!!

Working on this :)
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jump back in

Less then a week till inspired.... Decided to make something after a 9 month break. Lots more to come!!
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