Friday, March 18, 2011

rollin' vintage

Jeff and i have been taking some road trips lately since i frickin hate it here lol. I told him we should look into rvs.........and he said YES!!!!!! I called my grandparents, who manage an rv park, to have them look around for me. Then i hit up my buddy google. I really super want a vintage one. even if we have to work on it. Ive found a bunch of small trailers online for under $2000 which is totally our price range, fingers crossed and soon ill be traveling the country in STYLE.  I belong in a vintage camper :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've said many times before that I believe that people are put into my life for a reason. Those people know who they are and this picture is for them!!! Big thank you's all around to all the awesome people in my life! Thanks for being you :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mighty list

I am continually amazed by life........Seriously! People, situations, color, texture, kisses, painted toes, friends, blogs, technology. Everything amazes me. I stumbled upon Mighty List Tonight and i was instantly inspired.

Jeff and I talk alot about our wants and dreams. Go here, do this, experience that, basically live life. I like to be spontaneous and kinda fly by my pants, where as  jeff likes a little research( but not too much though). I do, although, like a good list!! Mighty list is perfect. 100 things to do before I die. some big some small, all obtainable with out wining the lottery. I love this idea!!! I want the list up in our house some how. I found some ideas here and
  1. Visit thailand (ankor wat) This is cheryl's fault!!!
  2. Find inspiration around me for 30 days
  3. Visit all 392 US national parks(1 down)
  4. Process photos in a dark room
  5. Rock some cool eyeglasses
  6. Find and maintain a healthy weight through clean eating and exercise
  7. Throw pottery
  8. Make a ceramic owl
  9. Go on a movie set
  10. Have a fish pedicure
  11. Ride in a hot pink car
  12. Upload a clear video to you tube that doesnt have the word ok or um  in it
  13. See Kathy Griffin live
  14. Journal on a terrace in an Italian villa with a great view
  15. eat sushi in japan
  16. Learn basic web design 
  17. see the northern lights
  18. Eat at wd-40
  19. Photography a beach sunset
  20. Have a wardrobe that is really me
  21. put something i make up on etsy
  22. Buy a pair of shoes from irregular choice and rock the hell out of them
  23. Pick sea shells by the sea shore (drift wood too!)
  24. Read 20 classic novels
  25. Submit to a magazine
  26. Come up with a consistent blog format and stick to it for 1 year
  27. Dance with my husband
  28. travel the US in an airstream 
  29. Take a donkey ride through the grand canyon
  30. stamp a metal bracelet
  31. go deep sea fishing then eat the fish i catch
  32. Find out how something is made by taking a factory tour
  33. send out 100 hand made cards
  34. Put a piece of my art in every room of our house
  35. make a resin table top
  36. eat king crab in Alaska
  37. Get an amazing reading chair that is comfy and beautiful
  38. Get professional portraits done of myself and my family
  39. Buy and Shoot with a holga and a diana camera
  40. Define my artistic style
  41. Maintain a square foot garden for 2 seasons
  42. Make a quilt by hand
  43. see the rangers play outside of texas
  44. Take self portraits on a teal brick wall
  45. Go to the Smithsonian
  46. art journal daily for 1 month
  47. Run a 5k
  48. buy fabric in New York City
  49. Visit all 7 continents
  50. Finish college
  51. Go to an observatory
  52. Decorate our bedroom
  53. Buy a horse
  54. Paint a face
  55. Spend the night in a castle
  56. sew a purse
  57. Design my own stencils (Jenn's idea!)
  58. Make hand made paper
  59. Figure out photoshop
  60. Celebrate my birthday in a foreign country
  61. Bake 40 kinds of home made bread(Idea here)
  62. Buy and fix up an el camino
  63. Take 100 different self portraits
  64. Get my art friends together for a weekend of fun
  65. start my own business
  66. stay organized
  67. climb a mountain
  68. Watch the little mermaid with my mom 
  69. Have a house with a window seat
  70. meet my dad
  71. Visit a volcano
  72. Go whale watching
  73. Play in the rain with a pretty umbrella and rain boots
  74. raise chickens from baby chicks
  75. Take a photography class
  76. Make a bright happy granny square blanket
  77. Ride in a double decker bus
  78. Cook out of Julia childs book while pretending im Julie from Julie and Julia  Keep a Photo record of the experience
  79. Learn spanish
  80. Get pin up photos taken
  81. Print out happy thoughts and place them in a jar
  82. Collect dirt, water, sand, rocks, or shells in jars from 20 different places
  83. Knit a pair of socks
  84. Stay on a dude ranch
  85. Quit smoking
  86. Put my pictures on dvds and an external hard drive
  87. Go on a cruise
  88. Go to a drive in movie in a convertible with jeff
  89. Take photos with my sister
  90. Sit on the beach in hawaii 
  91. Visit a winery
  92. Photograph a peacock
  93. Send a package to a soldier
  94. Watch hot air balloons from the ground(where its safe)
  95. Make an outfit 
  96. Have pink hair again
  97. Wrap all Christmas presents with hand made paper
  98. swim in crystal clear ocean water(so i can watch for sharks YIKES)
  99. own a vintage cursive typewriter......and write a poem on it
  100. Record my grandma singing "my sing story" so i can have it forever
  101. Witness a foreign ceremony
  102. Jump on a trampoline
  103. make home made candy
  104. Visit a coffee farm
  105. Be in the audience of the Ellen show
  106. Stamp leather
  107. Backpack some where for more then 3 days
Well thats more then a 100 and I might add more!!!! Make a list.......and do it.

Create what makes you happy

    Happy accident!!!

    Sorry if my pics are getting least im blogging right????? Heres my super awesome happy accident from yesterday. I didnt edit the colors at all some how my sky turned out turquoise!!!! OMG i was freaking out with excitement. Little things amaze me!!!! My co worker said she wanted to buy a print :)

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Night photography??? sounds easy enough

    Last night my lens (Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens, if youre interested) came in way freaking late...... 7pm after sun set which was kinda crappy. But we decided to drive around and take some night photos. New Zoom lens......check
    new found camera knowledge.......double check!!!!!
    moon light......check
    creepy church....check
    took about 60 pics and i liked these 8....... again they are completely unedited!!!!
    weird lighting created burning leaves lol

    I like this one even with the bad lighting too
       Messing with the white balance and i got this creepy blue glow!!!!!!
    Blue glow= awesome church
    Messing with zoom not what i wanted but its a work in progress
    Best pic of the night in my opinion!!!!
    creepy and i like it
    I really like this one too cus of the glow at the bottom.....i need to fix the orientation on it

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    M is for Makes you work harder

    Heres a little back story. I LOVE pictures! Duh, right? So 3 years ago I conned asked my husband for a dSLR camera. I end up with a cannon rebel xti thats pretty awesome. Up until last year the thing had never been off AUTO. For the last year its been on av (i had no idea what that meant, mind u. It just caused blurry backgrounds some times, which i like) I did not turn a dial or press any button while in av mode either, so it was kinda an auto mode for me too. Sad but true people. 3 years of a fancy shmancy camera that i was using as a heavy point and shoot. Alot of times i would go places and leave it at home. I would go months with out taking pics, cus they all just looked ok. Basically the thing confused me. The manual was a joke. I was at a loss. I pretty much hated the camera. I had no clue how it worked or what the bleep  f/stop and all that crap meant.  NO MORE I SAY!!!

    First off my awesome friend mac told me about Magic lantern dvds. Basically this guy goes through your manual and explains EVERYTHING. this helped a ton. i now know what all of those crazy buttons do and kinda when to use them!!!! My mom and I spent 3 hours at the book store tues perusing photography books. We ended up buying The complete guide to digital photography by Steve Luck  It explained sooooooooooooooo much. I now know the differance between f/stop, shutter speed, iso and depth of field. I think? Lets just say were working on it!!!!!

    Wenesday we went out to the park to hone our skills. I ended up taking about 300 pics. 50 were in focus and looked pretty good!!!!!!!! That alone made my day :) I now feel like theres hope for me :)  Here are my top 9 favs completely unedited.
     my mom "in the wild"
    this pic sums up my feelings for the day totally scrapbook worthy
    I love this one
    I was messing with the lighting options and got this. i like the muted vintage feel!!!!
    My reflection!!!
    Crazy red hair really stands out lol
    I heart life
    trying macro( cus i know what that means now)
    We took pics of each other
    Definatly more practicing to come........I think ill be less annoyed with pse if i have better photos to start with!!!!