Friday, March 18, 2011

rollin' vintage

Jeff and i have been taking some road trips lately since i frickin hate it here lol. I told him we should look into rvs.........and he said YES!!!!!! I called my grandparents, who manage an rv park, to have them look around for me. Then i hit up my buddy google. I really super want a vintage one. even if we have to work on it. Ive found a bunch of small trailers online for under $2000 which is totally our price range, fingers crossed and soon ill be traveling the country in STYLE.  I belong in a vintage camper :)


Kelli said...

I'd love an airstream :) So fun! Can't wait to see what you find.

Cheryl said...

And you can hook that bad boy up and come to Massachusetts!!!! That camper would look way cute as we sip Margaritas while it's parked in my driveway :)

Julie Prichard said...