Thursday, January 8, 2009

Culmination of all thingss

Dont u just love it when you step back and literally see things falling into place? I had that moment today!!! Great feeling. Yesterday I quit my job. It was the right thing to do, i hate when people mistake me for a door mat. I am not the one. New job time will come at some point soon, but right now im gonna focus on getting my house together. I made a list of everything that needs to be done and fully intend on asking my grandparents and my mom how to do it all. I conned my mom into helping me strip the paint of my cupboards so that we dont have to replace them!!! I think working is very important but being happy in the place you live and your life is slightly more important. a few weeks off work prob wont kill me! I have learned a valuable lesson in 2008. I am not cut out to work for small businesses. i require structure and organization at work(even if my house isnt super organized YET) Mayhem just isnt for me. Im super sad that this job ended on a bad note and that i lost someone who i thought was a pretty good friend, but I'm kinda really over pretend friends anyway. I got my husband and my dog and my family and thats pretty much good with me. Any way thats my totally unrelated to scrapbooking post for this fine day, night, morning, whatever 1 am is.......I have a feeling ill be posting again when i get up. I gotta a sweet page to upload!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy Busy Day

Just a quick lo i did with another christmas picture. My mom hates having her picture taken so thats why its a miracle that she took this picture!!! Today we took down the Christmas stuff. We reorganized everything and eliminated a ton of clutter!!! We also cleaned out our garage. busy day, but very fulfilling :) Our new home if finally coming together. I decided last night while staring at my painting, that i wanna have more of my art around the house. Im gonna make at least one thing for every room in our house!!! Embroidered Towels for the kitchen using elisecake designs are defiantly on the list, embroidery is kinda tedious for me but im gonna give it a try again. I saw this on SISTV today and i think that i might give it a try on some towels, or a bag or something like that too. I am also going on a spending freeze again for a while, we need to save money and i have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff. I have gone through it all 2 times and i still have way more then my room can really hold. My closet is full of stuff that has yet to be altered, more paper then will fit on 3 huge racks, and 10 iris bins. Its time to use it up!!! Ok thats enough random blathering for today. Oh ya the class i downloaded from donna downey was so beyond amazing its not even funny, it was an hour long and cost $5. I watched it 3 times last night and might watch it again tonight! It had a ton of techniques in it and a pdf file with all of the instructions on how to make a complete mini album. You should defiantly check it out!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I Love this pic!!! Lo makes me happy too. Just a bunch of stuff i had piled up on my table. I only worked 4 hours today so im off to watch this video from Donna downey. T minus 4 months until Inspired!!! I totally cant wait ;) I dont really have anything to talk about today so ill guess ill end short a sweet today.
tip of the day: Isnt that fabric flower cute??? Its so simple to make and all you need is scrap fabric, a needle and thread and a button. check out the awesome tutorial here You will totally be addicted after you make them. Happy scrappin ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ode to Jackson Pollock

I'm posting back to back days......are u excited???? The other day i was bored as usual and decided we needed a painting in our dining room. I didnt wanna pay a ton so i went to Michael's and got a huge(24"x48") canvas.
Heres the break down: Painting i wanted: $225 um no thanks(a real Pollock piece is $10 mil lol)
Canvas: on sale..... $16 um yes please
Paint: 6 bottles at 50 a frugal shopper ;)
total savings:$206!!!!!
Here is my drippy splattery painting that matches my house colors perfectly and only cost $19!!!! I love it. it suits our purpose and our pocketbook!!! Maybe some day it will be worth $10 million ha ha ha ha ha. ok back to reality. i scrapbooked last night, but this morning when i took pics of them they were lacking something( who knows what? paint maybe!!!) any way im off to finish those up to post tomorrow. ok till tomorrow....good night!!!!!
Tip of the day: shop on sale and often, very often :) I cant think of a scrapbooking technique tip right now so that will have to do!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year!!!

Ok get ready for the longest post ever!!!! First off i picked my word for the 2009 (heres the link to AE and heres mine from last year and heres what i made for it) This past year i stared at my word quite often and it really helped. For the most part i have way more harmony in my life. I have made a conscious effort to be nice, let things go, make peace and find balance. This year I chose:
Main Entry:
1fin·ish           Listen to the pronunciation of 1finish
1: to come to an end
2: to come to the end of a course, task, or undertaking
3: to end relations

It was the first thing that popped into my head this morning. I need to work on my follow through in life, really really bad. I need to end some relations that are proving to be too much for me to handle as well. #2 is what im going to focus on. To come to the end of a task. like FINISH the laundry. Actually send in my submission to mags, blog more(it makes me happy and i miss it:) Just finish what i say im going to do instead of getting side tracked in one way or another. Today i plan to finish my word wall hanging. Ill post it tomorrow! I also want to finish putting pictures in my picture frames too.
Ok new topic! The holidays were truly wonderful this year. My mom cooke
d thanks giving at her house since my stove is not working. It was yummy and very nice to spend time with her for the first time in a few years. Us being together really brought "harmony" in my life ;) Heres the pecan pie she made.See the B!!!! So sweet. Her and i have really turned a new leaf the past 2 months and it makes me beyond happy. So food was yummy company was great! Now on to Christmas. The week before Christmas Jeff's Sister and her kids came up or over or something like that from east tx. They're awesome! I got some awesome picture frames(the ones that need pictures in them lol) and jeff got some tools. Side note: On the 23rd I had a moment and dyed my hair super dark.......I love it........Here it is no more blond with trashy roots!!!!I have a dress on although i look kinda nakie ;) Back to the holiday rundown......Our family has had dinner on Christmas eve most of my life, so this year my mom cooked pot roast and bread dumplings(they're German and oh so yummy). My little sister came over and the four of us had a wonderful dinner, and then opened presents(my fav part by far!!!) The best thing i recieved was a wireless remote for my camera!!!!
Heres my first Pse6 Photo collage( i got the template with an ample explanation here)I actually scrapbooked this last night and i love how it turned out. Now that i know how to make these I might actually do more of them!!!Ok that concludes my 2008 year end post! Hope you enjoyed it! Look for big things in 2009. Video blogging and tutorials(if i can figure it out lol) Way more pages, daily pictures(Finish finish finish) and actual posts from yours truly more then once a month!!!!!