Friday, January 2, 2009

Ode to Jackson Pollock

I'm posting back to back days......are u excited???? The other day i was bored as usual and decided we needed a painting in our dining room. I didnt wanna pay a ton so i went to Michael's and got a huge(24"x48") canvas.
Heres the break down: Painting i wanted: $225 um no thanks(a real Pollock piece is $10 mil lol)
Canvas: on sale..... $16 um yes please
Paint: 6 bottles at 50 a frugal shopper ;)
total savings:$206!!!!!
Here is my drippy splattery painting that matches my house colors perfectly and only cost $19!!!! I love it. it suits our purpose and our pocketbook!!! Maybe some day it will be worth $10 million ha ha ha ha ha. ok back to reality. i scrapbooked last night, but this morning when i took pics of them they were lacking something( who knows what? paint maybe!!!) any way im off to finish those up to post tomorrow. ok till tomorrow....good night!!!!!
Tip of the day: shop on sale and often, very often :) I cant think of a scrapbooking technique tip right now so that will have to do!

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