Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy Busy Day

Just a quick lo i did with another christmas picture. My mom hates having her picture taken so thats why its a miracle that she took this picture!!! Today we took down the Christmas stuff. We reorganized everything and eliminated a ton of clutter!!! We also cleaned out our garage. busy day, but very fulfilling :) Our new home if finally coming together. I decided last night while staring at my painting, that i wanna have more of my art around the house. Im gonna make at least one thing for every room in our house!!! Embroidered Towels for the kitchen using elisecake designs are defiantly on the list, embroidery is kinda tedious for me but im gonna give it a try again. I saw this on SISTV today and i think that i might give it a try on some towels, or a bag or something like that too. I am also going on a spending freeze again for a while, we need to save money and i have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff. I have gone through it all 2 times and i still have way more then my room can really hold. My closet is full of stuff that has yet to be altered, more paper then will fit on 3 huge racks, and 10 iris bins. Its time to use it up!!! Ok thats enough random blathering for today. Oh ya the class i downloaded from donna downey was so beyond amazing its not even funny, it was an hour long and cost $5. I watched it 3 times last night and might watch it again tonight! It had a ton of techniques in it and a pdf file with all of the instructions on how to make a complete mini album. You should defiantly check it out!!!

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cinnibonbon said...

Yay for you...with all those tasks accomplished!!

Oh I know what you mean about those Donna mini's. I want to download a few, but I alos need to scale back this year!! Sounds fab though.