Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Create happiness

my biggest motto in life is "create what makes you happy" I figured today I would explain what that really means to me.

A few months ago my answer would have been pretty simple. If you create it and it makes you feel good then its perfect. Not everything you make is museum worthy, AND THATS OK! I make alot more crap than i would like to admit. But shhhhhhh dont tell anyone lol

Today this statement means alot more to me. I want to do more that create THINGS that make me happy. I want to create a life and a lifestyle that makes me happy. I want to wear purple tights in the middle of summer.........I want to get hot pink dreads........I wanna travel the world......all while making pretty things that truly make me happy :)

Last week a spent some time at a friends house. Her front entry area really makes me happy!!!! It has a new orleans feel to it. The vines are sooooo awesome. I have some strange fascination with ivy......

We strung lights to make it even happier
Delilah thought it was pretty too
I set up all my journal stuff outside in this little sanctuary

I had Pandora radio playing in the background....If you like laid back happy art music type in new soul in the search bar :) Its an amazing mellow mix.....great to journal too!!!!!

My baby got tired about an hour in
Then she just crawled in my lap and i painted around her lol

This journaling session was one of the most peaceful times in my life. I was content....all that i need in life was around me(well except for genghis)
Ill take some real pics of the journal page tomorrow.....all of these pics were taken with my iphone :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Every year inspired has been something different to me. It always meets my current needs (emotionally and artistically) In the right way. I guess its strange to go to an art event and gain emotional stability??? It makes sense though..... I often feel like these people are the only people who really "get" me...... The true me straight to my soul. I don't usually share very personal stuff on here but today i feel like its appropriate.

Year one: going in to the experience i was excited beyond belief......ready to learn new things.....and scared to death by the amount of people i was going to encounter( groups make me nervous) I roomed with 2 wonderful strangers and laughed for hours. There was alot of people there with drama which was a little crazy since i was coming to leave the drama. But in the end it didn't really effect me. I played, learned some new things, and talked to about 10 people. The last day after the final dinner i met a stranger. We talked for maybe 15-20 min and have been friends ever since. In that short time I knew that we "got" each other and we have talked pretty regularly for the past 2 years. Lorrie i think you're awesome and Im glad you're in my life. You always share new things and get my creative juices flowing! Youre an amazing artist and Im glad i get to look at a pretty girl made by you all the time!

Year two. I won a free trip so i was super excited about that.....ready to learn more but not as concerned with it.......and still scarred to death of strangers. I decided to rent a car this year and somehow got the courage to post in the message board asking if someone wanted to shop with me. This was totally out of character for me......stranger danger!!! I waited outside for this lady to arrive that i knew nothing about, secretly praying that she was semi normal, not mean, and wouldnt kill me. Up walks Cheryl, smiling, bubbly, and talking a million miles an hour. "stranger danger" instantly turned into "holy crap, we were meant to be friends for life". Through out the week we shared deeply personal stories with each other. She is one of the wisest people i know and I always learn something amazing from her. We still talk all the time. Cheryl words cannot express how much you mean to me. You always help me on the right path and say the perfect thing at the time i need them. I am so grateful that you are a part of my life. This year I also got to know Donna on a more personal level. She is one of the few people i follow that fuels my creative fire exponentially...... all the time. Shes also an amazing person. She is very smart in both life and art. Im glad to call her my friend. Donna introduced me to this sweet and spunky blond collage artist this year too. Debbie mac is a happy and fun loving creative soul. i decided to switch to their group and I was sooooo glad I did. Debbie's art amazes me. She is also a wise and amazing woman. We talk all the time via skype, showing off projects and new products and talking about everything under the sun. Debbie you always make me laugh even when things are rough. You always tell me how things are even when i dont want to hear it. You make me want to be a better artist and your words are always encouraging. You mean the world to me!!!! With cheryl and debbies help i think i talked to 20 stranger this year :)

Year three......I had no emotions and all emotions......Life was in upheaval and i just wanted to see my friends...... I needed a break from life and inspired happened at the perfect moment. From the jump i decided that strangers weren't scary and I just talked to everyone. I am seriously glad I did. I met a ton of people...... all put in my life for the right reasons. Some alot made me laugh, some made me cry, and some shared the most poignant words i have ever heard. I got to know people that i had met in passing in years before alot better. I did projects and finished some, but this year wasn't about art and learning about it. It was about me...... It was about figuring out who i was about learning that its ok that people are there for was about conquering my fear of was about amazing women(and 3 amazing men) was about strange happenstances and chance meetings with awesome people.......My soul was truly inspired. Im pretty sad this was the last year since i actually figured out i like people lol. I want to see my 200 friends again :) i met too many amazing people this year too list them out, but ill try. Jenny's key note speech touched my soul......Tracie made me laugh hysterically and made me love trash.....Nancy almost made me pee my pants with a story that i had heard a bunch before.........christy was sooooo sweet and her mini was amazing........Margie was bubbly and hilarious.....katie and kelli just make me smile........bill was sweet as ever........Melissa was way better then her predecessor .......ken was awesome and i wish he still lived here........paolo kicked ass a alwayd.......Cari was too busy!!!! :( i wished we could have talked more......Mary-ella talked and listened when i needed it most youre a super amazing lady..... Jamie Your stencils make my day and i cant wait to get to know you more!!.......The people who took my class laughed at my jokes so i love u all lol.........Lolly was sweet as can be and is my neighbor!!!!...........tracys glue makes my world complete..........Debbie and cheryl i cant thank you enough for just being there.........Donna your super awesome and you put on one hell of an event i cant wait to be apart of the next one. Dont be sad if i forgot you youre still super fabulous!!!!!!!

Pictures tomorrow.......if u made it through all of the required reading for today :)
Create what makes you happy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspired preview

Art journaling with the masses last night made me soooooo happy!!!! I didnt really take alot of pics. Sorry lorrie :(

Inspired was the awesomest ever this year. So chill so relaxed so perfect at the exact moment i needed it. Everything in life truly happens at the exact moment its suppose to.

Project pics and a few others coming soon! I have intentions on blogging more often now lol.

Create what makes you happy!

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