Thursday, January 8, 2009

Culmination of all thingss

Dont u just love it when you step back and literally see things falling into place? I had that moment today!!! Great feeling. Yesterday I quit my job. It was the right thing to do, i hate when people mistake me for a door mat. I am not the one. New job time will come at some point soon, but right now im gonna focus on getting my house together. I made a list of everything that needs to be done and fully intend on asking my grandparents and my mom how to do it all. I conned my mom into helping me strip the paint of my cupboards so that we dont have to replace them!!! I think working is very important but being happy in the place you live and your life is slightly more important. a few weeks off work prob wont kill me! I have learned a valuable lesson in 2008. I am not cut out to work for small businesses. i require structure and organization at work(even if my house isnt super organized YET) Mayhem just isnt for me. Im super sad that this job ended on a bad note and that i lost someone who i thought was a pretty good friend, but I'm kinda really over pretend friends anyway. I got my husband and my dog and my family and thats pretty much good with me. Any way thats my totally unrelated to scrapbooking post for this fine day, night, morning, whatever 1 am is.......I have a feeling ill be posting again when i get up. I gotta a sweet page to upload!!!!


Rachel said...

GOOD FOR YOU! How liberating to be able to say "TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!" Enjoy your home projects :)

Teresa said...

I'm glad you had the courage to get out of a bad situation. Good luck with the house stuff!