Monday, March 24, 2008


I have decided that today.... Sundays i guess.....I will post some of my random inspirations. why you ask? cus everyone else is doing it and we all might learn something!!!!
Heres number one. These are amazing and AHEM if any of you know me IRL you could maybe slip one of these my way in june for my birthday(I'll get back to you with my ring size:)Carissa is actually the inspiration piece and one of my super many favs.....Im gonna make paper look like this one day this week(wish me luck!) Im on a big messy paint kick this month. I have been painting in my kitchen(i like to stand up to paint!) ok back on topic now......Number Two This card rocks my socks! I made it on a crazy 1 AM card making frenzy the other day. I love the colors and texture and the pattern. I just love everything about it. Paper: Bazzil, Creative Imaginations, Ribbon: ??? I dont know but i hope i have more, Tag: Embossed tag from prima i think? I painted it with making memories paint and then covered it with ultra thick embossing powder 2 times to get that orange peel texture then added a rub on by Jenni Bowlin with was slightly difficult but i worked it out LOL. These are currently my fav colors so thats where the inspiration is for you:)

Last but not least I believe that everyone should branch out and try something new so check out the galleries here and pick something that you have never tried before and do it!!! Jenn I challenge you to make clay buttons(and some for me) You know you want to :) I hope you guys find something useful in these inspirations. if i can get a pic of it Ill show you the craziest inspiration piece or should i say building!!!! I made the coolest lo from it :) Have fun making stuff!!!


Joani McDonald said...

Bree ~I love to paint too! I just loves colors!! I just love our card it's so cool!
Thanks for the link too!

just jenn said...

I would make clay buttons if I had some freakin' polymer clay to make them with. I might try to get some this week and make them but will need to find out how online somewhere. I need to get these three papers written first before I do anything.

Unknown said...

good idea. I did try something new tonight thoughit was easy. I did the dryer sheet technique and posted it to my blog