Friday, March 28, 2008

This is My life :)

I Made this super Quick book with my new bind it all last night at 2am while Jeff was watching Star Trek(Hes a big tattooed nerd LOL). JK i watch it some times too so i guess im a tattooed nerd 2!!!!I just took some cardboard that came with an Internet order i received and cut it to 5"x7" and painted it white doodled on it and placed some felt over it. The letters are die cut letters from Luxe Designs and the little bird and flower are foam from Michael's. It makes me happy!! I'm retarded and only put like 6 sheets of paper in it. Jenn said that might last me a day or 2 but not a month :) Shes right but this is pretty and can sit on my desk with all of the other stuff that i make for no other reason then to amuse my self. The idea for the book came from the current webisode on scrapinstyletv! I love that site check it out NOW. Ok I'm off to surf the web for art supplies for a swap I'm doing. Jenn left the book Scraptastic over here....IM NOT GIVING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in love with yet another book. 3rd winner this year(life artist and Journal revolution are the other 2 check them out 2 they rock) Stop stalkin and go make something :)


just jenn said...

If I didn't stalk your blog, no one would. LOL!

Unknown said...

late night stamper I love it.

Mindy said...

So cool! I want a bind it all something fierce! Love the bird, too.