Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 am bullets again

  • Finished my custom album......145 pages in 3 days GO ME!!!
  • Frantically working on stuff for the craft fair sat....details on that tomorrow
  • Playing with my kps box o goodies.....Hopefully ill be done with that tomorrow too
  • Taking the most awesome class ever.....Layer love by Julie prichard maybe ill get pics of my trials up tomorrow. The class is closed though sorry
  • Realizing that i have alot of stuff to do tomorrow
  • Praying im off wed so i can finish the over flow then :)
  • Big news happened today....cant share till its official but its big VERY BIG
  • No im not pregnant
  • Dick Blick rocks my world :) I will be anxiously awaiting my package!!!!!
  • Next Month I plan on taking this class by my fav mixed media artist Suzi Blu
  • No mini tutorial monday cus im crazy busy and im waiting for this stuff to come in the mail(long story)
  • I havent made anything for myself since my last post and that sucks big time
  • I might go crank something out real quick :)

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Mrs. Spotts said...

Hi Bree, it's Lorrie from Inspired, the jeans girl! Thanks for the heads up on the mixed media class, I am going to sign up for that, it looks great. I just started my first art journal, dedicated to you since you were the one that put the thought in my mind! I will take a pic and send to you soon. I used the first project from Kelly Ray's book, did you buy that? Very cool! Oh, and I am waiting for a very BIG package from Blicks as well! (hope to find it before my husband though! wink)