Monday, May 11, 2009

Paint under my nails makes me happy.....

I feel like my creative spirit is renewed.....not necessarily because of what we made, but more like the energy I felt the past week. Being around so many creative people empowered me. I knew i would be around creative souls at inspired, but i didnt realize how much i would honestly relate to the wonderful people i met. I met so many people that I really understood and for the first time ever in my life i feel like they got the real me and it was great. I wasnt anyone different for anyones sake. I was me i laughed and joke and complained and was messy and sprayed bbg on anyone i wanted and it was OK. This is gonna be a huge run on sentence post sorry grandma.

My new secret dream in life is to live in a commune of artists....a commune with electricity and toilets of course :) I think that would make me super happy. At the closing dinner Kelly Rae Roberts spoke and what she said touched me to my inner core. She talked about feeling out of place like something was missing in her life and she couldnt figure out what it was....the she discovered art and her life was at peace. Thats kinda how i have been feeling. I have had some kinda art in my life for just about forever. Mostly crafty stuff my grandma showed me. And looking back on those moments, thats when i felt at peace. Now when I'm in my studio with my lovely green painting dress on making a huge mess, I feel whole too. I still dont know where this creative ride will take me but im gonna embrace it and make it mine. Just for me. Im gonna make messes, wear blue eyeshadow, paint my nails hot pink, get an art degree, paint whether its pretty or not, take crazy pictures and thats that. Most of this I already do anyway but i really need to stop caring about what other people think i should do with my life and focus on what makes me happy.

Ok im gonna unpack a little and make some stuff.....I might post again later today with some more pics from inspired. Cathy Z made a blog post into a lo and i think i see that happening with this one.....I need to keep this front and center in my mind......Have a wonderful day!!! GET MESSY FOR U :)


Unknown said...

I guess I should get messy occasionally, my ocd just doesn't let me. :)

So happy that you got so inspired!

Fonda said...

I enjoyed Kelly Rae's words too. They were hard to hear (hard as in I heard every word she said, hard to accept, or ignore maybe is better!). It all does ring so true. The older we get the more vested we get in missing the vital pieces and it's so hard to get them back. I love Cathy Z. She's hilarious.