Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wax and art journal page

I got super bored with my custom album work last night so i thought i would play in my studio some. Art journaling brings out some strange introspection for me. This one is called outsider. I wasnt going to post this since i usually put up happy happy joy joy stuff, but this is a blog about me and my life through art. The quote says "Shake off this sadness and come out of yourself a little". Its from a vintage version of Heidi I found. The picture is from a Free People catalogue On a completely other note I made this tiny canvas with wax. It was a trial run of a few techniques i saw on youtube. Stamping in wax and painting over it with acrylic paint then melting it to get this crackle effect. The little frame is from House of 3!I made the whole thing, looked at all of its imperfections and aptly titled it beauty. I love it and plan on hanging it in my bathroom to remind myself that imperfection is beauty :) Im off to finish my album so i can deliver it tomorrow.....Hoepfully ill get some time to mess around in the studio some more!!!

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Fonda said...

Hi Bree. I ran into you the last night of Inspired. I love your wax project. It's a very different look. I've never done much with wax until Inspired, I think it has potential!
I have unpacked but haven't gotten much of anything creative done-time flies by too fast!!!