Monday, August 25, 2008

I havent been slacking i swear!!!

We closed on the house last thurs!!! I am super super excited to start this next journey in our lives. Apparently buying was the easy part.....Decorating is my new nemesis and has been encompassing every moment(waking and sleeping) of my life. Wow who knew there was like 5 billion carpet choices. holy cow i told hubs i had no idea how we were ever gonna pick. We have made a tentative decision on that though. Then we move on to what the hell our decorating style is.......My life is lived in color......Duh i scrapbook lol. Today i wore a lime green tank with a yellow and white thing over the top. So i really like color. hubs on the other hand likes the more "normal" dare i say institutional colors like cream and taupe.....BORING. I think that we have pretty much agreed on a more normal scheme: Earthy colors with natural fibers and wood. I checked out some bamboo pieces for the walls. they are so amazing. i think were gonna put them around the fire place and in the kitchen. So i compromised big time on the colors but its studio will still be teal!!!! Happy happy time :) I prob wont be blogging all that much for the next month or so :( I will try and get on as much as i can....I just dont know how much time i will have for scrapping. Hope you like my inspirational pics....even if they dont make the cut for my home, the colors are scrappy goodness :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! This is major. I know you will go a great job in decorating. Was just thinking of you and found your blog through the Barn web site.
Good Luck and talk to you soon.