Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey guys!!!

Im currently in south Texas visiting my grandparents!! they are so sweet and i love them more then anything.....They gave hubs and I a whole car load full of tools to help with our remodel!!!!!!! My grandpa was a Carpenter his whole life so he has all the good stuff(made when tools were solid and didn't break:) I plan on leaving tomorrow and hopefully ill be far enough to the west of hurricane Ike. Fingers crossed on that one!!!! I plan on stopping in Austin to visit archivers scrapbook store so i can get some Making memories Halloween stuff. Its pretty much the only one that i like when i looked up the new stuff online. Who knows i might like others when i actually see them up close!!!! I thought since i haven't scrapbooked in a while that i would enable you guys a little by showing some things that i am currently obsessed with!!! Ready.......Set.........Shop!!!!!
1. Teresa collins Halloween Spooktacular I love the whole line, but i super love these journal/mini book things. You can bind then with the bind it all to make a super cool mini book, or just add them to a page, i plan on using them on a Halloween banner that i have been dreaming up since i saw one on scarlet lime.

2. Scarlet Lime Kits: I have been subscribed to prob 10 kit clubs at various times throughout the years and eventually they all sucked. This on rocks in so many ways, You get a ton of stuff for your money($40) lots of paper(always brand new) and lots and lots and lots of embellishments. Last month there was a package of the new thickers, there are always fabric swatches, different little tags or embellies from Etsy ladies, buttons ribbon......You name it its in there!!! If you scrapbook out of the box, or just like getting a huge box full of fun stuff sign up for one of their kits!!! Wow that sounded like an advertisement lol......... Its not its just what i like!!!!
3. Thickers.....My heart, and all my husbands money belong to you!!! Ok I pretty much use these on every layout, mini book, and card I every make. They add color and dimension like no other product i have ever tried. I have a great need to own every type in every color!!! My fav is sprinkles vinyl. I am a little upset cus they changed the way they make them and the new way isn't as cool looking.
4. College press Journaling cards: I super love journaling card, and these really caught my eye!!! PLUS they only cost $0.65!!!!!!! I found some here5. Basic Grey Wassail- this is a big maybe for me. I havent see any really good pictures online so far so i have to wait and see it up close. I havent seen a bunch of christmas paper i have liked. Last year i used Wintergreen from Stampin up! i liked it because it was non traditional christmas colors. Red and green are boring.

Hope you guys like my picks for yummy stuff to buy! I might post some more soon, i just figured 5 was plenty :) have a super super great day!!!!!!


Christi Flores said...

Thanks for the enabeling!! Have fun at your grandparents!!

Teresa said...

Have a SAFE trip!!!!