Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy times happy times

I used to hate red, but for some reason lately im totally drawn to it!!!! This is a pic i took while i was driving to see my grandparents! Ahh the open road :) pretty simple lo. i have seen quite a few people use one sticker for each word, so i cant really credit anyone for it. It was some one somewhere lol. Oh ya I saw a link on Donna's blog about actions that you could use in pse 6. OMG i bought 2 and i think i might be in love!!!! The links are at the bottom of the post. Here is where i bought mine. Ill post some before and after pics as soon as i figure out exactly how to use them!!!! I got the mac version, and in the read me file it explained exactly how to install them. check them out!!
Side note.......last night i watched fringe(oh the wonders of tivo how did i survive with out it!). holy crap its the best show ever!!! If you havent see it you can watch the full episodes here! Its kinda sci fi(more like sci minus the fiction!) sort of like X Files kinda only better in my opinion! If you like lost, one of the creators or writers or something is working on this too! Plus Joshua jackson is in it which is by no means a negitive lol!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found your blog.
I love your wall hanging. So cute!

sylv said...

Great blog! I went back several pages just to get a look at your fantastic layouts...FAB-U-LOUS! Oh, Fringe is so good! You're right, it's like X-files, meets 24 meets Law and Order..I hope it stays on for a while.

Karen said...

Great site! Red is a great color and it's perfect for that layout.