Friday, September 12, 2008

The enabling continues!!!

6. Tim Holtz Christmas stamps: Tim is one of my fav designers in this industry! I may not always do a distressed look, but when i do its his products i turn too time and time again. Im gonna make my Christmas cards with these this year i think? Depends on how cool that basic grey Christmas paper is!!!!!
7. NEW Stickles: I'm so excited I could just pee!!! They are a combo of my fav ink colors(distressables by tim holtz) and stickles!!!! . I found both of these and the Tim Holtz stamps on this website! Tim is also coming out with masks!!! Check them out too :) 8. ModaBella: I am totally in love with this line. American crafts can be hit or miss sometimes.......but ModaBella rocks big time. These colors are so bright and vibrant, I cant wait to scrap these!!!!
9. Eclectic Mini album by Basic Grey: Not out yet but i think im gonna have to have this one!!! I really like that every page is different :)*******10****** Spell bound by Making memories. This is the Halloween collection im gonna use this year. i think its the only one that doesnt look cheesy and tacky :) Plus they came out with mini alphas to go with it!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the enabling!!!!
On a side note this week was super sad for me: Elsie Flannigan posted on her blog that she wont be designing for ki memories any more. The love Elsie lines of paper have been my super fav for a while now. im sad that she wont be creating the any more. I wish her well on her journey, where ever it takes her(hopefully she will create another line soon!!!)
Side note 2 i made it through the hurricane lol I drove home and didnt see any rain :)


Anonymous said...

Well, yea, thanks.....I need an intervention when it comes to stickles.

Lee said...

I ADORE stickles!!! I'm only missing a couple colors.......but now the new ones!!! Oh yippeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Wassup girl thanks for stopping through and wishing me a Happy Bday I so appreciate that boo .. girl that AC paper is thebomb .. I was able to get them all at Hobby Lobby for 50% off aint that a trip, girl I thought I was in heaven .. LOL .. so how you doing and what you got planned for the week girl ...