Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Journey

Im taking a mental break.....I have 10 million ideas running through my head and way less time to get them out on to paper. I signed up for Art Journaling 102 by Dina Wakely. I have really enjoyed it. I have been making 6-8 art journal pages a day, Letting my mind wander and the ink and paint guide me. I am so happy. I feel free. Free to let art be my muse instead of the latest and greatest thing. The next thing is a canvas I made a few weeks ago when I was upset. I wasnt sure if I was gonna post it or not, but alas I am. Under the mesh the title is Lack of.....All of my journaling is under the paint. I needed to cover up what i wrote and get over it :) You can see part of a mini album in the bottom right of the picture. Its a Hybrid album from House of 3 thats no longer available :( Its finished i just need some binder rings for it cus the ones i have are too small. I should be able to post it before the weekend IF I get my hands on some rings :) I cant wait to post it, it turned out totally cute and DH loved it. I didnt give it too him on valentines day..... I gave it to him on a day he was feeling blue and i think it made him feel better!!!!

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Teresa said...

WOW- looks like you have found a whole new outlet for your talents. These are fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more.