Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rip dear friend

This post is dedicated to my dear heat gun Gone but not forgotten You served me well over the past four years. Heating everything i put under you. Helping me watch paint dry for less time You made it through many drops and although the exact cause of your death is unknown You will be sorely missed You have been replaced(already) by a new, exact same model heat gun Who hopes that some day it to will be covered in ink, alcohol ink, paint and embossing powder Just like you were :)
Pinky- 2005-2009
Im in a rather odd mood today, so instead of talking about whats really bothering me i thought i would write this silly ode to my heat gun. Any way. Im about to art journal my brains out after a rather depressing day, but i thought i would share a page I made the other day. Im not quite sure how a bird on a sky line when with authentic but it made sense in my brain while i was making it. Still lovin the Aj102 class. I think im gonna take a class from Suzie Blu next. I like her style :)
Ok im just gonna put it out there.........Im a mess..........When i make stuff i throw things everywhere........I set things on the floor to dry or to get outta my way........Only to find it still sitting there 3 weeks later......Kinda forgotten but now with a shoe(or dog) print on it. I cant contain the chaos any more.......I talked to my sweet wonderful husband about this problem and Kinda suggested that I move the studio downstairs to where our office is now. That way the whole heat-rises-so-i-constantly-feel-like-i-have-menopause-in-my-studio-thing isnt a problem, and im kinda forced to keep it clean since its the first room you see when you open the front door. THEN He totally backtracks(prob cus he figures i wont keep it clean) and says we have to TALK about it. Im gonna work on him, cus i wanna move downstairs. I usually get my way so we shall see. Im off to go sweat off some lbs while i art journal....Have a great night.
Oh ya one more thing.......I have an etsy shop.......its never actually had anything in it but its there lol.......I have been going through thing again for the millionth time..........and im gonna start putting things in there very soon....Hopefully this weekend......links to come :)

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Teresa said...

Hey Bree- your room may be a mess but that doesn't mean you are!

When it comes to the "put something down and never get around to putting it back where it belongs" category, I am the QUEEN!

Moving downstairs probably won't help- so either make a concerted effort to change or accept yourself; being messy is NOT a sin or a crime, so who cares?

Don't make yourself unhappy over the small stuff.

BTW- that page is stunning!