Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One fine day with minor mishaps ;)

Last night Jeff and I went and bought the soil for my garden boxes. We brought it in the back yard and stacked it nicely cus it was after dark. This morning I let the dog out....no big deal cus he lets him self in the backdoor. I wake back up on the couch 30 min later wonder where the dog is at???? I go outside and there is dirt compost and vermiculite all over my backyard. He opened every single bag and scattered everything all over(with the winds help of course) I almost cried :( So round 2 went a little smoother this afternoon. The stuff actually made it into the boxes this time. Needless to say we decided i cant start planting till we fence off that part of our yard(he dug half the dirt out of one of the boxes while dinner was cooking) Lesson learned my dog is bad and i should plan a little better lol. I came across this website today!!! I totally love it one click and you go from this to this!!!!!! I totally love this and if i manage to remember I will use this in the future on my lo's :) I have finally decided that I have procrastinated cleaning my studio long enough. It is like a tornado blew through it. I cant make anything in this state. Im forcing myself to clean it tonight and thats that. If i finish ill post tomorrow, but its so bad i think ill be cleaning for a few days lol. Moving screwed me up big time in there. I cant seem to get it right. Im gonna try again. Everything just seems all jumbled and the flow is all wrong. Possibly its cus Mary is coming to clean up my mess any more :( Ok off i go.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo trick. It will look great on a LO. Thanks for the link.

Diane said...

Yes, I love that web site too. Have fun playing with it.
I'm just popping in from Dina's Official Blog List.