Saturday, February 21, 2009

I think im a dabbler ha ha ha

Still trying to use up old papers. This is prob the worst lo i have made in a while but oh well. I got my point across lol. So this week we have been working on the back splash in the kitchen. I tiled it and then today i did the grout. I totally love it. Its not done yet but i felt the need to show you guys a peak!!!! usually i pick things out( or paint -----im about to repaint my studio for the third time in 6 mon for instance) then bring them home and change my mind because the light made it look diff or the moon or my pms, but everything i have picked in the kitchen i truly love beyond if i can only find the curtain fabric i want :) Heres a pic of what this part of the wall used to look likeewe yucky huh!!!! I cant wait to be done.....and get a new pretty new ELECTRIC stove. Tiling was actually pretty easy for me. Maybe cus i used 1/4 in grout lines and that's totally the size i like my mats to be in scrapbooking??? It all goes together!! In other news tomorrow were building our garden beds!!!! Im so excited. I really cant wait to get semi free organic veggies. Im planting a little of everything. Lots of herbs. Yum-o. Lots of pics of that to come so get ready. Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!!! Be back sooner or later

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Christi Flores said...

Awesome layout and I love seeing the home repairs! I'm hoping we'll be able to do that soon! :)