Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make time 2 Make ART

I have a problem......a buying problem ;) I have been cleaning my studio like crazy. Getting rid of stuff i know i wont use and i still have waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff. So I challenged myself to make 25 layouts by march (when the new release of alcohol inks comes out 24 colors!!!!) Until then im not buying anything but adhesive. I am also gonna use something that i have had for more then a year, but dont wanna give a way on each layout. This page has some Heidi swap ghost letters that i have had for way way longer then a year. I colored them with alcohol inks and stamped them with a background stamp so they would match my hambly transparency! Sorry the photo sucks. its 6 pm and the lighting sucks. Ill try to retake it tomorrow!!! Im off to make more pages. 22 more togo!!!

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ange said...

I have a buying problem too! I have been cleaning out my studio and finding things that I don't remember buying!! LOL!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Andrea / angeponge (Scrap-bot)