Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Journaling prompts

I got up today and over coffee decided to check out some prompts online and stumbled onto a wealth of them!!!!!
300 prompts- roll over the astric to see the prompt
random prompt generator
one word prompts
600 second
Journal Jar

Scrapbook Journal Jar
Thought questions- the pictures as well as the questions could serve as prompts
creative writing prompts

My current journal.... Cover is an old book and pages are watercolor paper. I like it except the binding sucks( totally my fault) its too loose.


Lorrie said...

What!?? A white peacock?? Is that real? I have never heard of or seen one of those before...

Love your journal! I am just getting to this after Squam. I am always terrible at keeping things going though...


Kelli said...

ahhh these are awesome. bookmarking.