Sunday, September 26, 2010

art journal pages

Playin around alot in my aj......Some recent experiments...... Working on 4 at one time today. Im liking the freedom of going back and forth!!!
Working with texture ideas from a book im reading
Journaling bitchy thoughts then watching them bleed together made me feel a million times better

Who kknows what this will turn into in the future???? Plans on making fabric feathers or something. I thought i would see if i could actually draw one first lol

I have no idea why these photos have black boxes at the bottom??? Oh well

Till next time......Create what makes YOU Happy!!!!


Lorrie said...

HI!! I am painting today too, big big big canvases, one is 36 x36 and another is 36 x 42 I think. It is fun, but challenging.

I love your pages. I love those feathers, very nice.


Rebecca said...

You go girl! Love the idea of journaling some bitchy thoughts. Lord knows I have enough of those right now. Fantastic work, my friend. Miss you!!