Thursday, September 9, 2010

Encaustic collage soar in wax :)

sassafrass papers and oct afternoon letters. some super awesome "Gangsta sewing"!!!!!!
Used clear crackle on the bird, some vintage book text and buttons

Just playin around with the soar theme.... I think im secretly telling myself something. Maybe? Ive been feeling closed in by life alot lately. The bird is out of the wax breaking free. This makes me happy.....i wanna make a big one but i need different wax. Tonight im gonna finish up an apron for a special lady in my life! So far i like it some but it needs a ton more work. I think tomorrow im gonna show some organizing ive been doing. Let me Know how you like this i think this series is what im gonna put in my etsy store?????? Makes me nervous :)


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