Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterdays  entry in my 31 days messy advent journal was REFLECT. It made me extremely EMOTIONAL like pretty much everything in life lately. I reflected on things changing and how scary it really truly is for US. Then i reflected on the new possibilities that can and will come from all of the current chaos. We will have a more simple life, I can focus on art, Jeff will be happier at work, my dog will have new friends, Less will be more. I think this is what i need to finish finding myself.

After this reflection time i decided to have a sappy movie night...... Me, the dog, Vanilla coke zero, TWO honey buns, and EAT PRAY LOVE. The movie spoke to my soul. It made me realize and reflect even more on the things that are important in my life. LOVE is really all ive ever needed. Jeff makes me so happy even when we dont see eye to eye. He knows me and most of all he GETS me. Im glad hes my BFF. TRAVELING that makes me happy. I need it to be a part of my life. CENTEREDNESS  that makes me happy. Its something ive been searching for for a long long time. ART rambled in my mind for most of this movie as well. The movie was beautiful its hard for that not to be inspiring in and of itself.

When the movie was over my phone It was a brave girls email......
Brave Girls Club

It may look sometimes like everyone else has it 
all together, has the perfect life, has all of the 
answers and that everything comes easily to 
them. It's hard to keep up and to measure up and 
to get up when we get caught in this set of beliefs.
Please, no matter what it takes, please try 
hard to stop comparing your beautiful self to 
anyone else.

Just like you, sweet friend, no one has it ALL 

together. Everyone has good days and bad days. 
Everyone has struggles and everyone has to 
make choices to make the most of whatever is 
handed to them. Everyone has DIFFERENT 
struggles, just like everyone has different strengths 
and different things to add to the world. 
Everyone is DIFFERENT.

We can only affect what WE do, and how 

WE feel and what WE add and where WE
go and  what WE say. We can not be 
anyone but who we are. We can not 
truly live any life but the
one we are in. When we step into our 
OWN shoes, and live our 
OWN life.....miracles happen.

Keep your eyes on your path, lovely you.

Keep your eyes to the light, and don't look at 
anyone else's path except to lend a hand.
You are beautiful, brave and phenomenal.
You are just right, just where you are.
You are the best you that there ever was, and 

that there ever will be.
Embrace it. Embrace YOU.


Copyright 2010 - Brave Girls Club, Inc. All rights reserved

The way things work out always amaze me. A journal prompt being totally fitting, a movie reflecting important lesson, an email saying what you need to hear and all this in one day that i really thought was truly crappy until RIGHT NOW. I got it after i REFLECTED lol

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