Friday, October 22, 2010

"Lifes' Artistry" class album

Took "Lifes' Artistry" from Donna this past weekend. The book was so much fun. I finished it up yesterday!!!! The hole thing makes me happy :) Enjoy.

The best drips ever!!!!!
My fav pic of all time. Photo credit
I dislike this page but i really liked how the back turned out so i used it anyway

I used the packaging from the prima flowers for my mat

Close up of the image transfer. I Super love this!!!! The ice cream stand is in the weeds lol. Pic taken with Iphone using Hipstamatic app.

An Idea from inspiration wed that I finally tried out!

Prima flowers before and after color wash and my painters rag from home depot that ill use for a flower laterCreative mess!!!!
All cleaned up and ready for tomorrow!!!!

Lessons Learned:
  • Helmars Quick dry is by far my new fav glue...... Ive had it for 6 months now and at first i hated that it was stringy, but now its my go to glue for everything
  • Image transfers are freaking awesome
  • Im not great with the nib pen on canvas or fabric. I think im gonna get a rounded tip nib and see if that helps it from getting caught in the fibers
  • When you write with the nib on masking tape the ink goes on super smooth but it also pools alot more so be aware of how much ink you have loaded.
  • all of the photos in this book were printed on regular copy paper. GASP!!!! I really like the washed out look of them???
  • old paper is my new fav effect in photo shop!!!!
Most Items can be bought here. I used some Spray ink with i got Here

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