Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday.... The stars align

This has been a fab week! Lots of happy news soon..... First heres my Inspiration Wednesday from last week. I followed what Donna did pretty close cus i loved the page and wanted to try the techniques. Journaling is random on this one but it was what i was feeling last night. I must say this is the happiest ive ever been with my hand writing. Practicing must be helping :) Maybe one day i wont be complaining about my hand writing all the time lol! I will defiantly be doing more transfers in the near future! The messy unpredictableness of the images make me happy and they add subtle interest to the back ground that leaves u wondering what the pic actually is.

Lessons Learned: Ink jet transfers only work with golden gel medium not liqutex FOR ME. My transfers ran when i added paint to them. Next time ill use the workable fixative i bought to stop this. I did use the fixative over the Ink writing so i could splatter paint at will. This worked well. The fixative is very strong smelling. I might have gotten a slight buzz from spraying it on while bending over it in an unventilated garage (oops) I also figured out that if i slow down my handwriting isnt that bad (big surprise there) The turquoise iron ons turned purpleish with pink paint running over it SCORE!!!! This was the first time i used the iron ons and i super love them. They are really easy to use if your patient. They add texture that really screams touch me!!!!

Journal with 140 lb water color paper
white craft paint
ink jet printed photos- i figured out how to invert the photo so the words come out right on the transfer!
dr martians india ink
nib pen
iron ons
quinacridone magenta
caran d'ache neocolors 2 in turquoise, magenta, and steel grey
water pen
Golden matt gel Medium
Krylon workable Fixative
You can buy all of the supplies HERE


Debbie McIntyre said...

Super Bree!! Love that you followed with all the great tips, too. Haven't used Liquitex, but after hearing this I'll just stick to Golden gel medium. Haven't used the iron ons..I have some and should pull them out to use on my next page. Also love the link to purchase! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. xo mac

Kelli said...

very fun. and I love the handwriting!