Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giveaway vlog

Enjoy and Create what makes u happy......giveaway open to us residents only :) winner chosen by on friday!!!!!


Debbie McIntyre said...

I'd love to try those fabric paints, and I'm feeling lucky! P.S. Love the workstation.

Katie said...

Bree, looks like it's me vs. Mac at this point! Ha ha! That's tough competition for me! I love the videos! Also, I love your make-up! Your complexion looks awesome on video!! xoxo, Katie

Unknown said...

Another great vlog Bree! I am loving this new peek into your studio. We need to get together soon and either go shopping on Harry Hines or creating like mad!

Cheryl said...

Ok.. first I love that you pointed out your messy work surface but didn't mention the rest of the room.. bwahahaha

Second, I found myself answering and talking back to you in the video.. total crack up. I actually forgot this wasn't skype! hahahah

Third.. Love the vlogs.. love you..

Finally.. pick me pick me! heheheheh

love you girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

is it too late to comment on this vid? love your videos and your style!